Vue CLI 3 Plugins

Vue CLI 3 Plugins

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fatihsolhan v-onboarding v-onboarding is a super-slim, fully-typed onboarding plugin for Vue 3 Installation β€’ Usage β€’ Props β€’ Slots β€’ Exposed Methods Demo Install

bvdputte Kirby LogBook A Kirby 3 panel plugin to visualise the site/logs folder in the panel. Opinionated defaults to work best with the kirby-log plugin out-o

loonpwn πŸ”Œ Automatically import components in your Vue CLI apps.

posva Vue 3 library starter in TS with lint, auto release, changelog and tests

yeahliv A pull Vue project template to the extreme speed of the CLI

codeceptjs vue-cli-plugin-e2e-codeceptjs Hey, how about some end 2 end testing for your Vue apps? πŸ€” Let's do it together! Vue, me, CodeceptJS & Puppeteer. πŸ€— Br

nklayman Vue CLI Plugin Electron Builder Easily Build Your Vue.js App For Desktop With Electron Build status: Quick Start: Open a terminal in the directory of

codetrial vue-cli-plugin-element Quickly build an enterprise application with vue-cli and element-ui in seconds. This project is not only a vue-cli plugin but a

David-Desmaisons vue-cli-plugin-component component plugin for vue-cli project β”‚ β”‚ LICENSE (optional) └───src β”‚ β”œβ”€β”€ index.js β”‚ └───components β”‚

m0dch3n vue-cli-plugin-cordova Vue CLI 3.x plugin for Apache Cordova. Integrate Cordova into Vue Cli App How To Create Vue App $ npm install -g @vue/cli $ vue