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Starz0r Are We Anti-Cheat Yet? A website dedicated to keeping track of which games have committed to bringing anti-cheat support to GNU/Linux. This project wa

siraben Projects and channels that have decided to leave Freenode This is an ongoing list of projects and channels that have decided to permanently move out o

advanced-chat A beautiful chat rooms component made with Vue.js - compatible with Vue, React & Angular

zyrouge Yukino lets you read manga or stream anime ad-free from multiple sources. The project's name "Yukino" meaning "Snow" named after the character "Yukino Yukinoshita" from the anime "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

GoodManWEN A website simulating linux system's GUI, using theme of Deepin distro. You can write blogs with markdown and use it to serve your own technical resumes.

fuxingloh vue-horizontal-list A pure vue horizontal list implementation with minimal dependencies, ssr support, mobile friendly, touch friendly and responsive.

fuxingloh vue-masonry-wall A pure vue responsive masonry implementation without direct dom manipulation, ssr friendly with lazy appending. I created this becaus

bensladden vue-responsive-dash A Responsive, Draggable & Resizable Dashboard (grid) made with vue and typescript. Inspired by React-Grid-Layout & Vue-Grid-Layout

xiaoluoboding vue-smart-widget Smart widget is a flexible and extensible content container component. It includes header and body part, and widget body includes edi

1000ch vue-grd Simple, Light-weight and Flexible Vue.js component for grid layout. Vue.js port of grd. Install npm install --save vue-grd Usage You can use <

dreambo8563 vue-simple-drawer TODO remove shadow for default style add cover layer option rename the scss vars nest drawer? Install npm install vue-simple-drawer

antoniandre Splitpanes A Vue JS reliable, simple and touch-ready panes splitter / resizer. Installation npm i --S splitpanes Demo & Documentation https://antonia

venkatperi Vue Splitter Pane Demo vue-splitter-pane is a Vuejs component which renders two slots in a adjustable split arrangement (vetical or horizontal). Uses

e-oj Vue-Magic-Grid This is a Vue.js port of @e-oj's Magic Grid. Please check the /test folder for a example. If you use images, make sure they have a set

arnedesmedt vue-ads-layout This is a vue component library to create a default web application layout. You can create a toolbar, footer, left and right drawers. A

alexiscolin πŸ“ Vue Colcade Lightweight masonry layout thanks to Vuejs A small wrapper for integrating Colcade to Vuejs. Vue.js plugin accessible globally from any

anthinkingcoder simple-grid a simple grid layout(Vue Component) Installation use npm $ npm i simple-xgrid --save import Grid from 'simple-xgrid' import 'simple-xgrid

mattrothenberg vue-grid-styled Vue.js port of @jxnblk's React library, grid-styled Installation yarn add vue-grid-styled Default Theme // Breakpoints const breakpoin

SeregPie VueFlex A flexbox grid system. demo Try it out! setup npm npm install @seregpie/vueflex Register the components globally. import Vue from 'vue'; impor

xudafeng autoresponsive-vue Auto responsive grid layout library for Vue. Examples Live demo & docs: xudafeng.github.io/autoresponsive-vue Installation $ npm i

starkwang vue-virtual-collection Vue component for efficiently rendering large collection data. Inspired by react-virtualize. Demo Usage Install npm i vue-virtu

alvarotrigo Vue-fullpage.js Official Vue.js wrapper for the fullpage.js library. Demo online | Codepen fullpage.js Extensions By @imac2. Thanks to VasiliyGryaznoy

paulcollett A new masonry component powered by CSS to be fast loading and free of jQuery or other dependencies. Build specifically for Vue.js projects. 😎 Why? Ex

ktquez vue-extend-layout A simple extend the default layout or create custom layouts for your SPA Vue.js, using dynamic import component. For vue-extend-layo

dattn dnd-grid A vuejs grid with draggable and resizable boxes Demo page The demo requires Vue >= 2.3.0 because of the ":layout.sync" feature The components

rachmanzz vue-inview Tested chrome firefox edge tested tested tested Releases version v1.0.5 add : add class prefix v1.0.4 Beta fix : classList for old browser

ddgll vue-virtualscroll Vuejs library for virtual scrolling npm i vue-virtualscroll import VueVirtualScroll from 'vue-virtualscroll' <vue-virtual-scroll :h

Akryum vue-virtual-scroller Blazing fast scrolling of any amount of data | Live demo | Video demo Sponsors Table of contents Installation Usage RecycleScroll

tangbc Table of contents Advantages Live demo What's new in v2.0 Simple usage Props type Required props Optional props Public methods Attentions Advantages O

bartkozal vue-fraction-grid Flexbox based responsive fraction grid system for Vue.js Live Demo and Full Documentation <container> <grid vertical="middle" :rwd

shershen08 vue-masonry Current version: 0.11.8 Vue.js directive for masonry blocks layouting. Original masonry library. Plugin DEMO available πŸŽ‰ , JSFiddle DEMO

surmon-china Vue-Drag-Zone Drag Zone component for Vue. ι€‚η”¨δΊŽ Vue ηš„ DOM ζ‹–εŠ¨η»„δ»Άγ€‚ Example Example Page Install CDN <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/vue.min.js