UI frameworks for mobile

UI frameworks for mobile

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varletjs Varlet is a Material design mobile component library developed based on Vue3, developed and maintained by partners in the community.

jairoblatt 🎈 Mini-Library of UI components for Vue.

element-plus 🎉Element Plus - A Vue.js 3.0 UI library

kkbjs (WIP)fork from ElemeFE/element ,A Vue.js 3.0 UI Toolkit for Web

jdf2e NutUI 2 A light mobile Toolkit English | 简体中文 Features New structure 50+ Reusable components Used by 40+ JD mobile projects Refer to JD APP 7.0 visual

youzan Mobile UI Components built on Vue 🔥 文档网站     💡 国内镜像文档     🇨🇳 中文版介绍     🚀 小程序版 Features 60+ Reusable components 90% Unit test coverage Extensive d

ElemeFE Mint UI Mobile UI elements for Vue 2.0 Homepage Documentation Installation npm i mint-ui -S # for Vue 1.x npm i mint-ui@1 -S Usage Import all compone

bmfe eros 主项目地址 https://github.com/bmfe/eros 介绍 eros app 快速开发模板,可通过脚手架 eros-cli init 指令快速生成。 分支介绍 master (附带着 demo 的完整开发底层) pure (无任何功能的纯净开发模板) source (源码依

OnsenUI Onsen UI - Cross-Platform Hybrid App and PWA Framework Onsen UI is an open source framework that makes it easy to create native-feeling Progressive We

airyland Be Cool with Vue@^2.3.0 and WeUI. Live Demo >> Sponsors 我们的产品 Requirements 暂未适配 [email protected],请注意。 vue@^2.3.0(for .sync modifier) webpack@^2.0 node@^7.6

framework7io Framework7 Full Featured Mobile HTML Framework For Building iOS & Android Apps Supporting Framework7 Framework7 is an MIT-licensed open source project