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kahirokunn vuedts This repository is fork from https://github.com/ktsn/vuetype Because that repository has not maintained now. Generate TypeScript declaration fi

joon610 Vue Corator Update @Render: add functional atturibute in component 2019/08/23 @Style: Style tag changed global to scoped 2019/08/22 @Hoc : high order

gertqin vuex-class-modules This is yet another package to introduce a simple type-safe class style syntax for your vuex modules, inspired by vue-class-compone

championswimmer vuex-module-decorators Detailed Guide: https://championswimmer.in/vuex-module-decorators/ Typescript/ES7 Decorators to make Vuex modules a breeze CHAN

vip30 Vue Local Storage Decorator This library fully depends on vue-class-component. Description It persists the component data by using local storage Licen

justrhysism Vue Mixin Decorator This library fully depends on vue-class-component. Most ideas and code are stolen borrowed from @HerringtonDarkholme and his av-ts

HerringtonDarkholme TypeScript loader for Vue-loader Type-check your script in your Vue-loader. Easier importing .ts file in vue's SFC. Getting Started Tutorials and exam

locoslab vue-typescript-import-dts TypeScript declaration file that allows using import with *.vue files. The primary use case is a bundler environment like we

locoslab ❄️ DEPRECATION NOTICE ❄️ Official TypeScript support has been added to Vue.js 2.x and the old bindings have been changed considerably since this repos

kaorun343 Vue Property Decorator This library fully depends on vue-class-component, so please read its README before using this library. License MIT License Ins

itsFrank vue-typescript Typescript decorators to make vue play nice with typescript Why do i need this? I built this mostly to remove the red squiggles on VSCo

vue-typed VueTyped VueTyped contains sets of ECMAScript / Typescript decorators that helps you write Vue component easily. What is this for? Normaly you wrote V