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Let the user select a tag / something while typing

Newest releases

tomquinonero Vue-tag-selector is a component for vuejs for tag type fields. Light (6.3kb gzipped) and customizable. Offering regex validation. Check out the demo I

voerro Voerro Vue Tags Input v2 A simple tags input with typeahead built with Vue.js 2. Live Demo Installation via NPM npm i @voerro/vue-tagsinput --save-dev

vinayakkulkarni v-image 📷 This is on GitHub so let me know if I've b0rked it somewhere, give me a star ⭐ if you like it 🍻 Demo here -> v-image ✅ Install 👌 npm i v-

dameety Vue-img-preview This is a minimal image preview implementation that does only one thing; give users feedback by showing image chosen from a file input

waynecz 点击查看中文文档 | Have a glance at Demo Intro <input type="file" /> like, only support single image auto-upload support drop-select / preview / use as <img /

jcc A flexible, highly available district selector for picking provinces, cities and districts of China. V - Distpicker Here is documents Installation npm

matiastucci vue-input-tag A Vue.js 2.0 input tag component inspired in react-tagsinput Installation NPM / Yarn npm install vue-input-tag --save yarn add vue-input