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NaturalSelectionLabs Re: ID 🐋 The first step to own your own data. 🍭 Introduction Automatically sync your posts on social medias to a crypto based RSS3 files that is com

LeCoupa Documentation You can browse the documentation for Vue Social on the website. Installation npm install @growthbunker/vuesocial # Or if you prefer usi

thisDOTname vue-share-it A highly customizable Vue.js component for sharing links on social networks. Features Easy install Highly customizable Extensive document

Alexandrshy vue-share-buttons Vue component for placing buttons in your project using which you can share anything. If vue-share-buttons doesn't have a social net

Onatcer Vue Picture Sharesheet Compoenent vue-picture-sharesheet provides an easy and beautiful sharesheet when hovering over images. Currently supported main

mbj36 vue-socialmedia-share Vue component for social sharing vue-socialmedia-share is a vue component for sharing links to social networks Demo Features No

koddr 🍿 vue-goodshare Vue.js component for share link to social networks and mobile messangers A simple way to share a link on the pages of your website in

nicolasbeauvais Vue Social Sharing A renderless components for sharing links on major social networks Less than 2.5kb gzipped Demo What is a renderless component? Ren