Hotel - Start your dev servers from your browser and get local domains in seconds.

hotel Start apps from your browser and use local domains/https automatically Tip: if you don't enable local domains, hotel can still be used as a cata

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GWUvision The Hotels-50K dataset was created to encourage work in hotel recognition, the task of identifying the hotel in images taken in hotel rooms. This task is particularly important as many photographs of human trafficking victims are captured in hotel rooms, and identifying which hotels the victims were photographed in is a top priority for trafficking investigators.

elizabethsiegle 30-seconds-of-swift-code Welcome to 30-seconds-of-swift-code! A Swift implementation of 30-seconds-of-code: A curated collection of useful Swift 4 snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less. Use

NDevTK DomainProtect Protect domains from malicious browser extensions. Works by blacklisting extensions for chosen domains (also supports per extension scop

krystalcampioni vue-hotel-datepicker A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custo

codrops Recreation of the background scale hover effect seen on the DDD Hotel website using CSS clip paths

samverschueren dev-time-cli Get the current local time of a GitHub user. Install $ npm install --global dev-time-cli Usage $ dev-time --help Usage $ dev-time <user> <user2> ... Options

grahamhelton Spoofpoint is a domain monitoring tool that allows you to generate a list of domains that are 1 character off of your domain ( turns into -> ((The L is a capital I )), check a list of domains you already have, or check as single domain.

tomnomnom Take a list of domains and probe for working HTTP and HTTPS servers

cp6 Web app for displaying, organizing and storing information about servers (VPS), shared hosting and domains.

brthor docker-push-ssh Push docker images from your local machine to remote servers without the hassle. Overview docker-push-ssh is a command line utility to push docker images from your local machine to your remote machi

shivammathur 🚀 IPpy Parallel testing of IP addresses and domains in python. Reads IP addresses and domains from a CSV file and gives two lists of accessible and inaccessible ones. Refer to Usage to see how to use this.

tomsoderlund nextjs-multi-domain-locale Multiple domains and languages on the same Next.js site This is an example of hosting multiple domains on the same Next.js

teamxenox CLI Wanted to get on your terminal? Ahoy! now you can. Usage 1. Check the top posts You can get top posts from the feed in your terminal using: devto 2. Check top po

DannyFeliz vue-email-dropdown A Vue component for autocomplete email domains Features Allows passing a list of domains to be used in for the suggestions. Allows

vutran twas Generate a relative time string (Example: "3 seconds ago") Install $ npm i -S twas Usage import twas from 'twas'; console.log(twas( - (5 * 1000)); // -> 5 seconds ago

thu-coai CrossWOZ CrossWOZ is the first large-scale Chinese Cross-Domain Wizard-of-Oz task-oriented dataset. It contains 6K dialogue sessions and 102K utterances for 5 domains, including hotel, restaurant, attraction, metro, and taxi. Mor

linux-china ngrok-spring-boot-start Spring boot starter for ngrok, easy to expose a local Spring Boot Application to the internet Usage Start local ngrok tunnels: ngrok start --none Add ngrok-spring-boot-starter in your

Josue87 This script try to get related domains / subdomains by looking at Google Analytics IDs from a URL. First search for ID of Google Analytics in the webpage and then request to builtwith and hackertarget with the ID.

GameServerManagers LinuxGSM is the command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers. Hassle-Free Dedicated Game Servers Traditionally game servers are not easy to manage yourself

kilianc rtail(1) Terminal output to the browser in seconds, using UNIX pipes. rtail is a command line utility that grabs every line in stdin and broadcasts it over UDP. That's it. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Ta

antfu local-pkg Get information on local packages. Works on both CJS and ESM. Install npm i local-pkg Usage import { isPackageExists, getPackageInfo,