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uasoft-indonesia The First Open-Source Laravel Vue headless CMS (PWA dashboard + CRUD + API generator & more) for more productivity !

mokuappio Serverless Invoices by Moku Serverless Invoices is a free invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses. It is open-source and easily extendable

wobsoriano Google Keep clone with Vue, Typescript and Firestore

budgetzero budgetzero is a free, open-source, privacy-friendly, offline-first budgeting system.

genaller 🐱‍🏍阿童木聊天室 nestjs+vue全栈聊天室 前后端分离 typescript一把梭

gk4m vue-spotify Spotify client built with vue.js / vuex. Authenticated users must have a valid Spotify Premium subscription because if it doesn't, Web Pla

IanLuan TodoDev A simple Todo App made for developers with Vuejs, Vuetify and the powerful Firebase. Live: Features Authentica

antonreshetov massCode A free and open source code snippets manager for developers. Built with Electron, Vue & Monaco editor. Inspired by applications like Snippets

romancm Gamebrary Open source tool to organize video game collections. Gamebrary is an open source tool that helps organize video game collections. Written in

morkro Current version: 1.7.3 (Changelog) 🛠 HappyPlants v2 in development! HappyPlants v2 is currently in development and lives in feature/next. It will be

znck Keynote Present with Vue Development To run the sample presentation # Build the command-line tool. cd packages/@keynote/cli yarn

sc0Vu vuethexplore Vue project for ethereum blockchain explore. Usage clone the repo npm install npm run dev Test unit npm run unit e2e npm run e2e all n

sc0vu vuethwallet A simple app using eth-lightwallet and vuejs to generate ethereum wallet. Usage Run development environment clone the repo npm install npm

David-Desmaisons CodeDependencyScanner C# desktop application that analyses .Net assembly. It lets you browse types relationship and introspect code dependencies. Made

dashersw brain bits This project implements a P300 online spelling mechanism for Emotiv headsets. It's completely written in Node.js, and the GUI is based on E

rohitpaulk Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is a clone of the Todoist web-app. Here's how it looks: Visit a live instance to check it out! You c

devjin0617 ripplectron Ripple(Blockchain coin) Wallet Desktop client for vue-electron How to save wallet key C = User Crypto key (one-time input → send coin, che

OrangeXC Introduction vue ssr v2ex,because it depends on nuxt so called n2ex Performance Lighthouse 100/100 - Webpagetest Features Use vue ssr framework nuxt U

lincenying mmf-blog vuejs 2.0 服务端渲染 v2版 demo: 说明 本站服务端采用 express + mongoDB 搭建, 客户端采用 Vue2 的服务端渲染搭建 主要功能包括: 管理员, 用户, 分类, 文章, 评论, 文章点赞 主要技术

JasonBai007 Suanban A vue.js project with douban api & Douban API Proxy QR Code Build Setup # go into app folder cd app # install dependencies npm install # ser

ChangJoo-Park gitrelease !! Simple Github project tracker. Only Tested on MacOS Sierra. Download Latest Key Features App on menubar List added projects Show details

zllovesuki SlugSurvival This is a project aims to help new and continuing students with their Slug Life. Contributors Edwin Kofler (@eankeen) Special Thanks Slug

zllovesuki dermail-webmail A front-end interface for Dermail system. Written in Vue.js. Resources are requested from Dermail-API., github, Webmail support

IgorHalfeld vNotes Simple and beautiful notepad to Markdown with VueJs and Local Storage API. DEMO Will be implemented I started the development for upgrade to Vu

Mati365 reddit-news Simple browser extension that shows recent news from reddit written in ES6 and Vue.JS+Vuex. Screens Install Chrome Web Store: https://chro

itsalb3rt Afterman Export beautiful docs in Markdown and HTML from postman collection 👻 No Backend 🔧 No configuration 🔥 Customize the output of your document

itsalb3rt Sheiley Shop Content Description Features Get started ⭐ Frontend 😍 API entry point Frontend production Backend 😎 Database Backend production Extra D

tatoMa neteast-music-vue Deployed link: It is a mobile first responsive web app for listening music from Neteast cloud platform

Viveckh Veniqa Open-Source E-commerce Solution Veniqa (Originally Veniqa New York) was a New York-based fashion retail startup that served consumers in South

vkaelin LeagueStats The goal of is to provide global complete data for all League of Legends summoners. Here is an example of stats for some su

msjaber Marked helps you create beautiful images for your notes, just like what Carbon does for your code. 👉 Site: 👉 Read more

Seungwoo321 Vue Pivottable It is a Vue port of the jQuery-based PivotTable.js Live Demo link Run Demo $ git clone

codeceptjs CodeceptUI An interactive, graphical test runner for CodeceptJS. Runs as Electron app or as a web server Headless & window mode supported Test write m