LocalStorage etc.

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dreambo8563 vue-storage-watcher the real reactive watcher for localStorge. I search a few days for a lib to watch the ls, but failed. you can use this tiny ls wra

juliomrqz Vue.js Warehouse A Cross-browser storage for Vue.js and Nuxt.js, with plugins support and easy extensibility based on Store.js. This plugin will pick

S64 vue-universal-cookies / nuxt-universal-cookies Isomorphic cookies plugin for Vue.js / Nuxt.js supports Browser, Express, http (node). Install in Nuxt.

ankurk91 Vue Web Storage A minimalistic Vue.js plugin for web storage Features Choose either localStorage or sessionStorage or both Prefix all of your stored k

SeregPie VueStorage Allows the components to save and load their data across the browser sessions. demo Try it out! setup npm npm i vuestorage ES module Instal

maple3142 vuejs-storage vue.js and vuex plugin to persistence data with localStorage/sessionStorage Purpose This plugin provide a simple binding with localStora

ddgll vue-idb IndexedDB wrapper for Vuejs based on Dexie Install npm install vue-idb --save Usage import Vue from 'vue' import VueIdb from 'vue-idb'

buhrmi Pssst... I'm not working with Vue anymore. This plugin is old and bad. Here is a better alternative: vue-pouch Re

RobinCK vue-ls Vue plugin for work with local storage, session storage and memory storage from Vue context jsFiddle Example Vue 1.x Vue 2.x Install CDN Recomm

pinguinjkeke VueLocalStorage LocalStorage plugin inspired by Vue typed props which take a care of typecasting for Vue.js 1 and 2 with SSR support. Install npm inst