Toaster / snackbar β€” Notify the user with a modeless temporary little popup

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codebender828 πŸš€ A simple and flexible implementation of toast style notifications for Vue.js. Breadstick A simple and flexible implementation of toast style notifi

smwbtech vue-flash-message The component to display single flash message or multiple flash messages to user. It has styles presets, but can be easily customize

Maronato Vue Toastification Light, easy and beautiful toasts! Wanna try it out? Check out the live demo! Vue Toastification Features Demo Installation Usage Pl

nandi95 Vue Toastify I wanted a notification plugin which I can use by passing props from the server and can also be called at run time. With this component i

ankurk91 Vue Toast Notification Yet another Vue.js Toast notification plugin. Demo or JSFiddle Installation # yarn yarn add vue-toast-notification # npm npm i

mrastiak vue-notification-bell A Vue UI component for showing notifications. Demo Page How To Install npm install vue-notification-bell --save How to use Insi

mengdu m-message A message plugin base on Vue. δΈ­ζ–‡ζ–‡ζ‘£ | Live Demo import Message from 'vue-m-message' import 'vue-m-message/dist/index.css' Vue.use(Message) /

zerodois Vue Snackbar A Vue.JS plugin for creating and displaying snackbars following the material design policies created by Google. Install Install from npm:

saivarunk vue-toastr-2 Simple toast notifications for Vue.js Installation Direct Download / CDN provi

arthurvasconcelos Vue iziToast Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight notification plugin implemented for Vue 2 of iziToast Table of Contents Vue iziToast Table

f3oall Vue Awesome Notifications It's a Vue.js version of Awesome Notifications library. Awesome Notifications is a lightweight, fully customizable JavaScrip

keen-on-design vue-flash-message Simple yet flexible vue flash alert message component. It is made to display a list of messages and give individual control over eac

keen-on-design vue-flash-message Simple yet flexible vue flash alert message component. It is made to display a list of messages and give individual control over eac

marcius-studio vue-notice Updated. Fully based on Noty.js API. See Usage instruction. Vue.js plugin accessible globally from any component to run non-blocking notifi

renoguyon vuejs-noty A Vue JS wrapper around Noty. Developped for Vue 2. Getting Started Install using npm: $ npm install vuejs-noty Import and register Vue plu

PygmySlowLoris vue-notify-me Notification Alert for Vue. Features Customizable template Stackable notifications Live Demo Installation npm install vue-notify-me --sa

artemsky vue-snotify Example Features 9 types of toast notifications (async, confirm, prompt, html and more...) Many co

ahmed-dinar Vuex Flash Flash message component for Vue.js within Vuex Features multiple flash custom template persist flash data in storage highly customizable De

biering VueUp Simple, lightweight and elegant global notification popup for Vue.js. View the demo. Install npm install --save vueup Somewhere in your app: im

BinarCode vue-notifyjs Minimalist notification component for Vue 2.x Why use it? Small: 1.5kb (minified & gzipped), 4kb (minified) Simple this.$notify({message:

websmurf Notify A simple bootstrap|bulma styled Vue component for notifications. Compatible with Vue 2.x Requirements Required packages: vue 2+ velocity-animat

euvl Vue.js notifications Demo: Install npm install --save vue-notification How to In main.js: import Vue from 'v

shakee93 Introduction Vue Toasted is one of the best toast plugins available for VueJS. It's used by VueJS, Laravel, NuxtJS and trusted by many more organizati

noru Vue-Easy-Toast A toast plugin for vue/vue2. DEMO Note: Since 1.x.x, only Vue 2 is supported. For Vue 1 users please stick to version 0.x.x Issue/PR is

se-panfilov | SITE | DOCS | EXAMPLES | GITHUB | LICENSE | vue-notifications VueNotifications - agnostic library for non-blocking notifications. Introduction and W