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AbdelrhmanSaid Cheat Facebook Algorithms is a tool that tries to simulate arabic chars shape with different unicode to cheat Facebook Algorithms.

mojtabaahn This package is not by any means any replacement for error tracking softwares such as Sentry and Bugsnag or debugging tools like Ray or Xdebug. It is simply web channel for laravel/lumen file-based logs.

eggsy Lanyard is a service that makes it super easy to export your live Discord presence to an API endpoint and to a WebSocket for you to use wherever you want.

HotPotatoC A Twitter clone created with Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, VueJS and Vite with support for dark mode and light mode using TailwindCSS

concords A tamper-proof Javascript data-ledger. concord /ˈkɒŋkɔːd/ agreement or harmony between people or groups.

antiboredom a simple tool to help you escape zoom meetings by making your presence unbearable to others

sylvainjule Kirby Multilist This plugin helps dealing with long lists with multiple fields. Overview This plugin is completely free and published under the MIT li

1292150917 此版本是fork vue-tao-admin框架 并且基于优化项目 优化部分 tag切换新增拖拽位置跟右键关闭 webpack性能打包优化 table的换列操作 支持单table 支持侧边栏读取本地或者接口操作 内置formGenerator BUG反馈/问题交流 QQ群:818735789 关于

cassidoo Cassidy's attempts to learn Vue.js with a todo app (and a counter app to boot)!

alloc Compress your bundle + assets from Vite

vueuse 🤹 Vue Composables putting your components in motion

antfu 📑 Transform texts with RegExp like a Pro.

bradtraversy Task Tracker project from youtube crash course

huoqingzhu vue3+vite+ts+Vant+vuex+router

Tahul This module is a Nuxt implementation of the Vue Composables @vueuse/motion.

Lucas98Fernando Clone Rocketseat UI with Vue JS, Bootstrap Vue and SCSS

hannoeru ⚡️Vite SSR & SSG starter template

kdrag0n This is an easy-to-use web installer for Android-based operating systems that runs entirely in the browser.

vueuse The science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of states, the transformations they undergo during reactions.

antfu Reactified JavaScript functions for Vue, powered by reactify from VueUse.

Korijn Lightweight Vue 3 composition API-compatible store pattern library.

cagataycali Find & match mentees and mentors!

buckypinkman Movie app where you can discover movies or tv shows. Built with VueJS 2, vuex, vuer-router & bootstrap 5, API from themoviedb

ThatGuySam A list of reported app support for Apple Silicon

niutech This is a "hello world" demo app of Vue.js working in Web Worker using WorkerDOM, bundled by Rollup.js.

ManishKarki1997 A simple real-time multiplayer typing battle

romulorodrigues Responsive dashboard design using Vue.js

JonathanDn A curated list of Israeli product companies/product companies who hire Israelis - who work with Vue JS (Sorted alphabetically)

vue-reactivity The missing `watch` for @vue/reactivity

happykit Add Feature Flags to your Next.js application with a single React Hook. This package integrates your Next.js application with HappyKit Flags. Create a free happykit.dev account to get started.

nuxt Nuxt Content lets you write in a content/ directory and fetch your Markdown, JSON, YAML, XML and CSV files through a MongoDB like API, acting as a Git-based Headless CMS

vuejs 该站点基于 Vuepress 构建而成。网站内容在 src 文件夹内,格式为 Markdown

vuejs-jp This site is built with VuePress. Site content is written in Markdown format located in src.