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Kazap lazyload-vue Vue Plugin for vanilla-lazyload Build status: features Simple usage with v-lazy-src Accepts options Vue.use(LazyloadVue, options) Multipl

andrewvasilchuk vue-lazy-youtube-video 1.x documentation can be found here. vue-lazy-youtube-video Features Installation Via NPM Via Yarn Directly in browser Initiali

mazipan 🐌 vue-tiny-lazyload-img A small size Vue.js directive for lazy loading images using IntersectionObserver API Demo Page

ooade Pimg is a Progessive Image Component For React, Preact and Vue.js. It helps in lazy loading of images in a nice and cool way. It's 2KB (gzipped). It h

dwqs v2-lazy-list A simple lazy-load list component based Vue 2.x, which will be on-demand rendering the list based container element's viewport. v1.x is n

matheusgrieger Vue Clazy Load Claziest lazy loader out there! Component-based image lazy loader for Vue.js 2 Swaps between your image and another component when load

nkoehring Vue Progressive Image Lazy load images while showing a preview. Super tiny, less than half a kilobyte minified and gzipped. usage v-lazy-img adds the

yyh1102 vue-lazyload-images A plugin of lazy-load images for Vue2.x Support images lazyload in window or build-in element. Demo Installation npm $ npm install

wormsan δΈ­ζ–‡ζ–‡ζ‘£ηœ‹θΏ™ι‡Œ Update v2.1.0 Add requestAnimationFrame polyfill. Now img lazyload detects horizontal direction automatically Imporve perfomence, since the sc

lsycxyj vue-l-lazyload A lazyload and in-view detection plugin for Vue.js v2.x+. Demo Live demo or npm install vue-l-lazyload && npm run startDev to play it!

MatteoGabriele vue-progressive-image Vue progressive image loading plugin Installation $ npm install vue-progressive-image Usage import Vue from 'vue' import VueProg

darrynten Lazy Background Images for Vue vue-lazy-background-images A simple Vue component for lazy loading background components. This component is only for ba

hilongjw Vue-Lazyload Vue module for lazyloading images in your applications. Some of goals of this project worth noting include: Be lightweight, powerful and