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tarikcoskun 🌐 Avdan's YouTube Concept This is the clone of the YouTube concept design made by Avdan See the concept video 🤝 Contributing ⚠️ The project is still

technowledgy vue-postgrest Vue.js Component providing PostgREST integration Docs See the official documentation Quick Start To get started, install vue-postgrest v

AlexandreBonaventure vue-zdog Vue wrapper for zDog Demo See here source Installation yarn add vue-zdog This plugin requires Vue and zDog as a peer dependencie. If you are

ModusCreateOrg Ionic-Vue Ionic integration adapters for Vue. Ionic-Vue vs @ionic/vue Ionic-Vue codebase has been contributed to the Ionic core and as @ionic/vue. How

feathersjs-ecosystem Feathers-Vuex Feathers-Vuex is a first class integration of FeathersJS and Vuex. It implements many Redux best practices under the hood, eliminates a

manatlan vbuild "Compile" your VueJS components (*.vue) to standalone html/js/css ... python only, no need of nodejs. And you can use python components with vb

johndatserakis vue-programmatic-invisible-google-recaptcha A simple invisible Google reCAPTCHA component focused solely on programmatic invocation. Demo View demo Vi

adi518 Vue Facebook Login A renderless Vue.js component for composing Facebook login. Install NPM npm install vue-facebook-login-component Yarn yarn add vue-

ivandov LoopBack Vue Starter The LoopBack Vue Starter template has a very minimal set of features pre-enabled. The starter template uses LoopBack v3.x for API

GIVESocialMovement sbt-vuefy sbt-vuefy integrates Vue's single components into Playframework. It hot-reloads the changes of Vue components while running Playframework wi

morrislaptop VueWeb3 Vue.js bindings for Web3 1.0 Installation In module environments, e.g CommonJS: npm install vue [email protected] vue-web3 var Vue = require('vue') va

Botre Amazon Cognito Vuex Module Vuex module for Amazon Cognito Easily link your Vuex application to an Amazon Cognito User Pool. Notes This is essentialy a

vuexpress Introduction VueXpress is a template engine for express.js. You can easily rendering *.vue templates on the server. Check out the usage information. I

vchaptsev Vue Telegram Login vue-telegram-login is a Vue component for Telegram Login Installation Install with yarn: $ yarn add vue-telegram-login Install with

anteriovieira VueRaven VueRaven automatically reports uncaught JavaScript exceptions triggered from vue component, and provides a API for reporting your own errors.

samturrell vue-laroute Inject Laravel routes into your Vue application via aaronlord/laroute. I actually recommend the alternative and more slim-lined version of

InCuca vue-loopback A Vue project template with Loopback framework featuring ES6, Gulp, and Jest for unit tests This template is for Vue 2.x only with vue-cl

alex-oleshkevich vue-introjs intro.js bindings for Vue. Installation Add package yarn add vue-introjs # or via npm: npm i vue-introjs Install plugin import VueIntro f

anteriovieira VueYoutube Intro vue-youtube is an wrapper of YouTube IFrame Player API (YIPA). What is the difference between other plugins? The difference is that t

vuejs Vuefire & Vuexfire Synchronize your data and Firebase Cloud Store database in real-time Documentation Introduction Firebase provides two solutions to

edgardleal require-vuejs RequireJS plugin to async and dynamic load and parse .vue single file components This library has only 4Kb ( minified ). What this libra

DanSnow vue-recaptcha Description Notice: The document on github is always reference to master branch. For stable version, please read the document at NPM. Go

drozdzynski vue-grecaptcha Description Google reCAPTCHA for VueJS Install NPM $ npm install vue-grecaptcha CDN <script src="[email protected]

express-vue express-vue A Simple way of using Server Side rendered Vue.js 2.0+ natively in Express using streams If you want to use vue.js and setup a large scale

lajosbencz vue-wamp Autobahn wrapper for Vue, served as a plugin Calls to subscribe, register, publish, call, unsubscribe, unregister are deferred, so that they

kartsims Vue.js plugin for Cordova Note : Compatible with every version of VueJS (1.x and 2.x) You may not need Vue-Cordova Important Note: You DO NOT need Vue

karol-f Finally - official Web Components implementation! - check vuejs/vue-web-component-wrapper Table of content Demo Installation Description Example Brows

locoslab vue-jest-utils Utilities for testing Vue.js components using Jest. While written in TypeScript (and thus including type definitions), it can also be u

locoslab ❄️ DEPRECATION NOTICE ❄️ Official TypeScript and Jest support has been added to Vue.js 2.x, which has changed considerably since this repository has b

NeutroniumCore Neutronium What is Neutronium? Neutronium is a library to create .NET desktop applications using HTML, CS

HerringtonDarkholme Awesome Vue TS Try av-ts in your browser! Why: Awesome Vue.TS aims at getting type safety as much as possible, while still keeping TypeScript concise

meteor-vue Sponsors vue+meteor is a set of packages to help you create awesome apps quickly and efficiently with two great web technologies: vuejs is the fronten