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Moventes is a Web Component built with Stencil.js Available on all frameworks that support Web Components such as is a tool to get y

nwutils nw-vue-devtools DEPRECATION NOTICE We are no longer able to automate building from the Vue-DevTools source anymore due to their adoption of Yarn. When

davestewart Vue Source Overview Vue Source is a global Vue mixin which identifies components in source code by adding HTML comments: The plugin has various option

vue-perf-devtool Vue Performance Devtool Vue Performance Devtool is a browser extension for inspecting the performance of Vue Components. It statistically examines the

calirojas506 vue-inspector 0.4.3 Vue.js Inspector for Mobile Devices What is vue-inspector? vue-inspector is a basic inspector for Vue.js that works with mobile de

bugsnag Deprecation notice We upgraded our Vue support in the latest all-in-one javascript notifier package. Check out the blog post for more info. All projec

justinkames vuejs-logger Provides customizable logging functionality for Vue.js. Compatible with Vue2. Table of Contents Demo Introduction Install Usage Propertie

Herteby vue-clicky 🖱️ Handy debugging function for Vue. Right click any vue component, and it will show you neatly formatted info about it in the console. Li

MiCottOn DejaVue - Vue.js visualization and stress testing (Only works with Vue 2.0!) Installation Click here to download the extension! Manual Installation Ma

vuejs vue-devtools Installation Get the Chrome Extension / (beta channel) Get the Firefox Addon / (beta channel) Get standalone Electron app (works with any