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i7eo This package enables localization of web apps made with vue by use of google translate. As your website and app grows, you may find a need to expand to other markets outside your home country.

slidevjs French documentation for Slidev Translations Repo Site Maintainers English docs @antfu 简体中文 docs-cn @QC-L @Ivocin França

intlify Composition API for vue-i18n in Vue 2.x

intlify 🌐 @intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18n

lokalise English | 简体中文 v2.0 is released with new Editor UI and Review System 🎉 Migrate from v1.x 📖 Docs  |  💭 FAQ  |  ⚙️ Configs  |  📜 Supported Formats  

Spittal vue-i18n-extract vue-i18n-extract is built to work with your Vue.js projects using vue-i18n. When run vue-18n-extract analyses your Vue.js source code

chiaweilee Vue-I18n-filter · Vue-I18n-filter is a Vue filter mix-in for Vue-I18n, which allow you use Vue filter to declare Vue-i18n. Installation npm install vu

edisdev vue-i18n-service The translation team (not developers) wants a file with all the keys to translate. But I love to use translations in Single File Comp

owl1n VueJs Translations Hello everybody! I'm glad to present you a library to support the translations in your Vue project. This translations component is

ClassicOldSong vue-simple-i18n Probably the thinnest library to end all Vue i18n solutions within 1kb Playground Installation CDN: UNPKG | jsDeliver or npm install v

neetjn V-Localize About V-Localize is a very simple localization plugin for Vue.js. Your localizations will be available anywhere in your web application wra

guillaumevincent basic translation plugin for VueJS 2+ Vue-Polyglot notes Vue-Polyglot doesn't get translation asynchronously in version 2+ This is not a plugin to int

panter vue-i18next Internationalization for vue using the i18next i18n ecosystem. Introduction 18next goes beyond just

twcapps VueJS TS Locale VueJS Plugin for advanced localization of web applications using typescript Links GitHub NPM Installation Should be installed locally

leonardovilarinho vue-multilanguage: control of languages in vuejs We will help you to control the languages in your app for yours components Installation # yarn yarn a