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slidevjs fr.sli.dev French documentation for Slidev Translations Repo Site Maintainers English docs sli.dev @antfu 简体中文 docs-cn cn.sli.dev @QC-L @Ivocin França

i7eo This package enables localization of web apps made with vue by use of google translate. As your website and app grows, you may find a need to expand to other markets outside your home country.

intlify Composition API for vue-i18n in Vue 2.x

intlify 🌐 @intlify/vite-plugin-vue-i18n

lokalise English | 简体中文 v2.0 is released with new Editor UI and Review System 🎉 Migrate from v1.x 📖 Docs  |  💭 FAQ  |  ⚙️ Configs  |  📜 Supported Formats  

Spittal vue-i18n-extract vue-i18n-extract is built to work with your Vue.js projects using vue-i18n. When run vue-18n-extract analyses your Vue.js source code

chiaweilee Vue-I18n-filter · Vue-I18n-filter is a Vue filter mix-in for Vue-I18n, which allow you use Vue filter to declare Vue-i18n. Installation npm install vu

edisdev vue-i18n-service The translation team (not developers) wants a file with all the keys to translate. But I love to use translations in Single File Comp

owl1n VueJs Translations Hello everybody! I'm glad to present you a library to support the translations in your Vue project. This translations component is

ClassicOldSong vue-simple-i18n Probably the thinnest library to end all Vue i18n solutions within 1kb Playground Installation CDN: UNPKG | jsDeliver or npm install v

neetjn V-Localize About V-Localize is a very simple localization plugin for Vue.js. Your localizations will be available anywhere in your web application wra

guillaumevincent basic translation plugin for VueJS 2+ Vue-Polyglot notes Vue-Polyglot doesn't get translation asynchronously in version 2+ This is not a plugin to int

panter vue-i18next Internationalization for vue using the i18next i18n ecosystem. https://panter.github.io/vue-i18next/ Introduction 18next goes beyond just

twcapps VueJS TS Locale VueJS Plugin for advanced localization of web applications using typescript Links GitHub NPM Installation Should be installed locally

leonardovilarinho vue-multilanguage: control of languages in vuejs We will help you to control the languages in your app for yours components Installation # yarn yarn a

MattyRad vue-i18n A small package for implementing translations in Vue.js. Instead of using a dot based key to fetch a translated string, it just uses the defa

Polyconseil vue-gettext Translate Vue.js applications with gettext. Live demo. Contribution Please make sure to read the Pull request guidelines before making a p

dkfbasel vuex-i18n We are big fans of the awesome vue, vuex and vue-router libraries and were just looking for an easy to use internationalization plugin, empl

javisperez VueTranslate A VueJS (1.x, 2.0+) plugin for basic translations. What is this? Is a plugin to handle basic translations for your components, it adds a

kazupon vue-i18n Internationalization plugin for Vue.js Silver Sponsors Bronze Sponsors 📢 Notice vue-i18n will soon be transferred to intlify organization. A