Form Validation

Form Validation

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casthub @casthub/form provides Vue 3 Hooks for consuming, validating and managing Forms.

Kong Stale-while-revalidate data fetching for Vue

frandiox Tiny validation library (<0.7K gzipped) without dependencies for Vue 3 that serves as building blocks. Inspired by vee-validate and vuetify's validation.

VitorLuizC vue-form-container A Provider Component that encapsulate your forms and handle their states and validations. Under the hood it uses valite, a light an

cretueusebiu vform A simple way to handle Laravel back-end validation in Vue. Inspired from Laravel Spark. Installation npm i axios vform Usage See the included ex

janiskelemen Vue form components with server side validation in mind About FormVuelar is a set of predefined vue form components which are designed to automaticall

Pitu Introduction Troy Hunt has repeatedly made a wonderful job keeping up with good security measures regarding personal data, more specificaly making the

ragnarlotus Overview This is a Vue data validator, trying to cover all needs and built on top of ES6 to achieve the best architecture. Demo You can view a demo an

val-bubbleflat Laravel Vue Validator By This package allow to display errors from laravel validation rules ! This package needs vue-resource to work !

cj Vuelidation ✅ simple, powerful, vuejs validation. ✨ Example ✨ Install yarn add --dev vuelidation@latest Include Plugin import Vue from 'vue'; import V

fergaldoyle vue-form Form validation for Vue.js 2.2+ Install Available through npm as vue-form. import VueForm from 'vue-form'; // or var VueForm = require('vue-f

joseluisq vue-vform Vue.js 2 form component that integrates jQuery Validation and Axios. Install Yarn yarn add vue-vform --dev NPM npm install vue-vform --save-

semisleep Simple Vue Validator Simple Vue validator is a lightweight yet flexible plugin for Vue.js 2.0 that allows you to validate input fields, and display er

vuelidate vuelidate Simple, lightweight model-based validation for Vue.js Sponsors Silver Bronze Features & characteristics: Model based Decoupled from template

xpepermint   vue-rawmodel RawModel.js plugin for Vue.js v2. Form validation has never been easier! This plugin integrates RawModel.js framework into your Vue.js

logaretm vee-validate is a template-based validation framework for Vue.js that allows you to validate inputs and display errors. Being template-based you only