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s1modev 🖼️ Media-Upload 📷 media-upload is a vue package for multiple images upload with preview. 🖼️ media-upload support the create and the update form, an

a-wing filegogo - a file transfer tool that can be used in the browser webrtc p2p

safrazik Vue File Agent Every file deserves to be treated equally High performant Vue file upload component with elegant and distinguishable previews for every

TerryZ v-uploader A Vue2 plugin make files upload simple and easier, single file upload with image preview, multiple upload with drag and drop Examples and D

pqina Vue FilePond Vue FilePond is a handy adapter component for FilePond, a JavaScript library that can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images f

charliekassel Vuejs Uploader Multipart uploader Vue component. This uploader will optionally upload files in multipart chunks. This get's around max upload sizes al

InCuca ic-firebase-uploader This component is a multi-file uploader for firebase Installation Using yarn yarn add ic-firebase-uploader Using npm npm i --save

simple-uploader vue-simple-uploader A Vue.js upload component powered by simple-uploader.js 中文 Features Treat Folder and File as File Pause/Resume upload Recover uplo

lian-yue vue-upload-component Vue.js file upload component The component is just a button Multi-file upload Upload directory Drag upload Drag the directory Upl

alexsasharegan Vue-Transmit STATUS: Unmaintained I am currently unable to give this project much attention. I won't be addressing issues or creating new versions for

rowanwins vue-dropzone CO-MAINTAINERS WANTED This component has far outgrown my initial expectations and I'm not able to provide the amount of support that user

updivision vue2-multi-uploader A drag and drop multiple file uploader component that uses Vue.js v2 and Axios. Uploader shows file names, sizes and total size of

saivarunk vue-simple-upload An simple file upload component for vue.js. Checkout Demo on JSFiddle Installation npm install vue-simple-upload Usage vue-simple-up

thetutlage Introduction Vue clip is a minimalistic and hackable file uploader for VueJs. I wrote this plugin due to the absence of well written file uploaders wi