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devongovett vue-hooks Experiment to shim the React Hooks API in Vue 3 using the composition API. Attempting to get React Aria working. Project setup yarn install

mprabs reddit-clone DEMO Project setup npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run serve Compiles and minifies for production npm run buil

productdevbook Nuxt 3 Starter We recommend to look at the documentation. Preview any repro live on Deploy to StackBlitz: This starter template also includes: Tailwin

JDIZM Nuxt 3 Minimal Starter We recommend to look at the documentation. Demo https://nuxt3-tailwind.netlify.app/ Setup Make sure to install the dependencie

Kamona-WD K UI Breeze starter Different UI for larave/breeze. Note We recommend installing this package on a project that you are starting from scratch. Usage F

micodeyt Underscore_ Voici la homepage du podcast ! Vue 3 + Typescript + Vite This template should help get you started developing with Vue 3 and Typescript in

kaanersoy Twitter clone made with Vue.js, Vue Router, Vuex and Axios-mock-adapter(for fake REST API).

ebrahimMaher دليل مبرمج - www.dalilmobarmg.com هذا المستودع يحوي الكود المصدري لمنصة "دليل مبرمج" العربية وتتم المساهمة في التطوير والمحتوى والمدونة عن طريقه. المس

bawangxx Electron + vue + ElementUI + js开发的文字转语音软件 使用帮助: 采用阿里云语音合成引擎 官网地址:https://ai.aliyun.com/nls/tts 一、设置应用秘钥 1.找到路径:src\views\Convert\api\alibaba.js 2.修改代码

reiallenramos nuxtjs-otp-boilerplate Introduction A project aimed to eliminate several architecture decisions. This boilerplate comes with NuxtJS, ExpressJS, Vuetif

vuesomedev TodoMVC built with Vue 3 Composition Api and Vuex The well-known TodoMVC built with Vue 3 Composition Api and Vuex in a structured and testable way. E

acidjazz Laravel + Nuxt.js Boilerplate What is included NUXT for our PWA front end, a progressive Vue.js framework @nuxtjs/axios to communicate with our API @n

Seokky vue-snake-game Snake game on Vue.js without canvas Click here to play online on GitHub pages Project setup yarn install Compiles and hot-reloads for

arunredhu Vue.js boilerplate This boilerplate is built on the top of Vue CLI 3.0. This provides an architecture which helps to write a flexible & modular large

FatDong1 vue-blog Vue.js+Node.js+Mongodb+Express的前后端分离的个人博客 博客地址:www.xuhaodong.cn 主要技术构成 前端主要技术栈为vue.js、vue-router、 vue-resource、 vuex 后端主要技术栈为node.js、 mongodb

latovicalmin This is basic example of Websockets usage with Vue.js 2 You can find backend project here Build Setup # install dependencies yarn install # serve wit

visualjerk CION - Design system boilerplate for Vue.js CION is a design system build primarily for Vue.js applications. You can use it as a starting point for bu

danijelh ASP.NET Core 2.2 multi-page Vue.js with TypeScript template The repository contains template using Vue.js, Vuex, Vue router, TypeScript, Bulma, SASS a

sethdavis512 Charcoal Fuel for Web Apps A starter template using the Vue CLI 3.0 and styled with Bulma. Packages Vue Vuex Vue Router Bulma Axios Font Awesome 5 Lod

walleeeee 知乎日报 声明 api来自知乎( 知乎Zhihu ), 项目中所有内容的一切权利属于知乎, 本项目所有内容及代码仅供私下学习参考, 不得作为其他用途 简介 学习Vue.js蛮久的了, 也看了不少别人写的知乎日报, 干脆自己也拿日报练练手, 该项目使用vue-cli构建、打包, 配合vue全家桶(vu

kavalcante Nuxt.js boilerplate What's included Nuxt Vue Apollo Element UI (with custom theme) PWA module Eslint (Airbnb styleguide) Build Setup # install depende

crisgon vue-cart A Vue.js project This project was made using vue, vuex and vue-router. https://crisgon.github.io/vue-cart/dist/ Build Setup # install depende

soroushchehresa 🎧 Vue SoundCloud Simple SoundCloud client built with Vue.js and Nuxt.js. Live demo: https://vue-soundcloud.herokuapp.com Screenshots: Desktop view: R

SoftwareAteliers ASP.NET Core Vue Starter The repository contains an ASP.​NET Core + Vue.js starter template. The template runs on ASP.NET Core 3.1 and is created by V

PowerDos MALL-VUE This is a front-end project of an e-commerce website based on VUE + VUEX + iView UI, and the version that combines with the backend API serve

wmhello 写在前面 2018年的春节假期,受朋友的鼓励和内心的指引,对近两年所学到的知识进行了系统的沉淀和总结。 从多个项目中提取关键点、抛弃了的业务部分,对底层的功能进行了各类优化和抽象,写成本项目。 1、 当前版本介绍 1.1 版本说明 当前版本laravel_template_with_vue (

faisaltheparttimecoder Introduction My first hands on experience on learning the css library Bulma & JS Framework VueJS. This demo website is a way to test out the features

viljamis Vue Design System Vue Design System is an open source tool for building UI Design Systems with Vue.js. It provides you and your team a set of organize

alefesouza Laravel Vue Boilerplate A Laravel 6 Single Page Application boilerplate using Vue.js 2.6, GraphQL, Bootstrap 4, TypeScript, Sass and Pug with: A users

jesalg PEVN (PostgreSQL Express VueJS NodeJS) Starter A basic example of how to use VueJS, Express and PostgreSQL in conjunction. More details on my blog pos

SierraSoftworks vue-template An ultra-lightweight Vue web application template This template tries to push the limits of how light a Vue application can be while stil

DominikAngerer Auth0 Vue Make sure to exchnage the auth0 information with your own in the auth.js. A Vue.js Demo Application which uses Auth0 for Authentication You

sarneeh Vue.js Stock Trader Game A simple game created for learning the Vue.js ecosystem. This project makes use of following: Modules: Vue.js - Framework Vue