Event Handling

Handling of user events (scroll, click, key strike, ...)

Newest releases

cpursley WalEx Postgres Change Data Capture (CDC) in Elixir. WalEx allows you to listen to change events on your Postgres tables then perform callback-like act

lupas Vue Keypress Want to capture keydown, keypress and keyup and events globally in Vue? Nothing easier than that. The Vue Keypress Component let's you do

Xotic750 v-click-outside-x Vue V2 directive to react on clicks outside an element. Install $ npm install --save v-click-outside-x $ yarn add v-click-outside-x

Almoullim vue-tabevents Easy communication between tabs for Vue 2.x Getting Started Installing Install with npm: npm install --save vue-tabevents import into pr

gu-fan vue-edge-check English / 中文 Check Browser Edge Reactively.To prevent transition effect triggered oddly when swipe edge with vue-router ✨ Before After

shentao vue-global-events Add shortcuts by listening to events on the document, anywhere Sponsors Bronze Installation npm install vue-global-events Demo Idea

ianaya89 vue-esc 🏃 Vue.js directive to add a document event listener on escape keyup. Support Vue.js 2 => vue-esc@>=2.0.0 [master] Vue.js 1 => [email protected] I

zhanziyang v-dragged Vue directive plugin for drag event detection. NOTE: This directive listens for mouse/touch events, and sets a handler for when a drag actio

Akryum vue-observe-visibility Detect when an element is becoming visible or hidden on the page. Demo Sponsors Table of contents Installation Usage Example In

Akryum vue-resize Detect DOM element resizing Demo - JSFiddle Sponsors Installation npm install --save vue-resize Module import ⚠️ You need to include the p

Dafrok v-hotkey Vue 2.x directive for binding hotkeys to components. Play with me https://dafrok.github.io/v-hotkey Install $ npm i --save v-hotkey Usage imp

JSmith01 vue-selectable Overview It's common task to make mouse selection of some objects on the page. This directive makes this task extremely easy, all you n

nchutchind vue-outside-events Vue 2.x directive to react on events outside of an element without stopping the event's propagation. Works well for handling clicks

ndelvalle v-click-outside Vue directive to react on clicks outside an element without stopping the event propagation. Great for closing dialogues, menus among o

David-Desmaisons Vue.resize Vue directive to detect HTML resize events based on CSS Element Queries with debouncing and throttling capacity. Demo Typical usage Simple

vue-comps vue-scrollfire Fires an event on a specific scroll position Demo Install npm install --save-dev vue-scrollfire // [email protected] npm install --save-dev vue-s

simplesmiler vue-clickaway Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js components Overview Sometimes you need to detect clicks outside of the element (to clos

scaccogatto VueWaypoint trigger functions based on elements' positions, based on viewport Demo demo page Installation npm $ npm install vue-waypoint --save-dev Vu

scaccogatto vue-throttle-event throttle events based on requestAnimationFrame Status Features Uses requestAnimationFrame Exposes an istance method called $throttl

fgr-araujo Vue-ShortKey - plugin for VueJS 2.x accepts shortcuts globaly and in a single listener. Install npm install vue-shortkey --save Usage Vue.use(require