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antonreshetov Image Optimizer Built with Electron, Vue & Vite. A free and open source tool for optimizing images and vector graphics. Core libs mozjpeg pngquant SVG

mubaidr Vue-Electron-Template Template for building desktop applications using Electronjs and Vue.js Overview This template takes advantage of webpack-4 with

nklayman Vue CLI Plugin Electron Builder Easily Build Your Vue.js App For Desktop With Electron Build status: Quick Start: Open a terminal in the directory of

L-Chris vue-design English | δΈ­ζ–‡ Be the best website visualization builder with Vue and Electron. Your star is the greatest encouragement to me. ✨ Features: de

saintplay Vue Flexible Link Tiny Vue Component to open links in a browser, ideal for cross environment apps(Web and Native Desktop with Electron) If you are in

egoist VuePack is a modern Vue.js starter which uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue-router and Webpack 2. Note I highly recommend you to try Poi, you can develop Vue.js ap

SimulatedGREG The boilerplate for making electron applications built with vue (pretty much what it sounds like). Overview The aim of this project is to remove the n