Dev Tools

Dev Tools

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antfu ⛺️ Lightweight version of Vitesse

open-source-labs a build tool for compiling and bundling Vue single-file components

antfu Server-side generation for Vite.

zglz This is vue development tool which works only with Vue 2.0.

SergioCrisostomo Vue codemods This repository contains a collection of codemod scripts for use with JSCodeshift that help update and refactor Vue and JavaScript files.

David-Desmaisons Component Fixture Demo Description Interactive test fixture for vue component. Component is desig

teambit Bit / Component Workspace Documentation • Tutorials • Quick start guide • Workflows • components cloud • Video demo What is Bit? 🤔 Bit is an

paulcollett vue-dummy Placeholder Images and Dummy Text for Vue.js vue-dummy is a wrapper around the library to expose placeholder Images and

paulpflug DEPRECATED see cerijs and ceri-dev-server vue-dev-server Why? When you decide to build a new reusable vue component, you probably want to see it in ac