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hug-sun this is a headless ui components library based on the vue3

christiankienle Vue Component Development Kit Inspired by Angular CDK 😍 . Everything in VCDK should be in it's own package and consumable as such. Using this Reposit

itzvinoth slim-ui slim-ui is a simple vue components library contains needed UI elements. It was developed to solve zerodha's application frontend needs and gen

Equal-UI Equal UI Equal UI is a Vue 2 TypeScript components library Links 📚 Docs 🔮 Twitter: @EqualVue Install # npm npm install equal-vue # yarn yarn add equ

alfonsobries Vue-Tailwind For more info check the official site: VueTailwind is a set of Vue components created to be customized to adapt

dreambo8563 bpit-vue Intro What is bpit/vue? bpit/vue is not a component UI kit, we didn't have the consistent theme for these components, it's just a collection

arturmiz Vuent Vuent is a set of reusable UI components for Vue created according to Microsoft Fluent Design, in particular its official variation about buildi

LeCoupa Documentation You can browse the documentation for Vue Dark Mode on the website. Installation npm install @growthbunker/vuedarkmode # Or if you prefe

juijs vue-uix A vue component library based on the JUI components available in vuejs. Installation NPM npm install --save vue-uix Browser (Legacy) If you ar

DevExpress DevExtreme Vue UI and Visualization Components This project allows you to use DevExtreme components in Vue applications. Documentation Technical Demos

nvms atlas Documentation and examples at Installation and usage $ yarn add vue-atlas # or $ npm install vue-atlas Usage Import everyt

banshee-ui Banshee A mostly renderless Vue UI component and utility library. Introduction Banshee is a component library for Vue which seeks to only provide the

lusaxweb Supporting through Patreon Vuesax is an open source MIT project if you want to contribute to keep improving, If you are interested in supporting this

Semantic-UI-Vue Semantic UI Vue Website · Installation · Configuration (TBD) Looking for maintainers! There is a lot to do and few maintainers with little time :). If

epicmaxco We’re working on Vuestic UI component library, which lets you easily customize components to your own design. Get early access and receive support fro

aidewoode Office UI Fabric Vue Note: Because office-ui-fabric-js no longer support, this project need to rewrite using office-ui-fabric-core. But it's lots of w

guilhermewaess Semantic-ui modules/components in you Vue project Using You can see the docs and demo here # install package npm install semvue --save Using any compo

chaogao En|中文 Docs Overview The goal of jsmod is to provide a high degree of freedom (high scalability) ui components, and unified desktop and mobile usage, i

wffranco vue-strap Bootstrap components built with Vue.js. This repository contains a set of native Vue.js components based on Bootstrap's markup and CSS. As a

uiv-lib If this project has helped you out, please support it with a star 🌟 . Introduction uiv is a Bootstrap 3 component lib implemented by Vue 2. Lightweig

vuikit Vuikit A responsive Vue 2 UI library for web site interfaces based on the UIkit 3 framework. If you are enjoying Vuikit and want to support the projec

vue-bulma Vue Bulma WIPWe are refactoring it, using the latest Vue and Bulma. Todo vue-next vue-bulma bulma v0.8 modules Sponsors Currently, I am a freelancer a

JosephusPaye Keen UI Keen UI is a Vue.js UI library with a simple API, inspired by Google's Material Design. Keen UI is not a CSS framework. Therefore, it doesn't

posva If you're looking for vue-mdl, check the mdl branch. To learn about what's happening, check #139 Vue Material Components web Material Components Web f