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castrix fit-vue3-boilerplate installation: npm install run development: npm run dev build: npm run build Vue 3 + Typescript + Vite + Pinia + File Based Rou

VPetar Vue Auth Boilerplate This is a starter app / boilerplate for any type of SPA application that you'd want to build with VueJS. If you use, say, Laravel

ALiangLiang Vue.js Webpack Chrome Extension Template Template for quick creation of Chrome extension on Vuejs hot reloading when developing. Installation: This bo

julon vue-cli-template-library Template for developing open-source vue.js libraries You fell in love with Vue.js and want to create your own unit-tested and

petervmeijgaard vue-2-boilerplate A boilerplate for building medium to large Vue 2 single page applications This boilerplate is based on the Vue webpack template. Com

Micene09 vue-ts-amd A full-featured Vue.js 2 boilerplate using AMD pattern and Typescript This boilerplate was built from scratch, with the help of the Vue.js

ducksoupdev webpack-typescript A Vue 2.5, Webpack 3.10, Typescript 2.7, Bootstrap 4.0 setup with hot reload, dynamic imports, unit testing, code coverage, sass an

matuscongrady Friendly-vue-starter Full featured Vue.js starter project for browser apps. Main focus: Developer experience Performance Future-proofness Features Vue

MMF-FE vue-typescript vue2.x that use typescript. Documentation vue-typescript common questions specific to this template are answered and each part is descr

AkiraLaine Vuets A Vue, TypeScript ready boilerplate using class-style components Usage # Download vue-cli and Vuets template npm i -g vue-cli vue init akiralain

colorful-tones vue-tachyons-template (v.1.0.1) An "unofficial" Vue.js project starter template, which includes: Tachyons - CSS ESLint w/ WordPress Coding Standard sn

twcapps vue-webpack-boilerplate A full-featured Webpack Typescript setup with hot-reload, lint-on-save, unit testing & css extraction. Including Vue-component

Plortinus vue-multiple-pages A multiple Pages Starter use Vue-cli3 Project setup download and: npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run ser

Metnew Vue-Element-Starter Demo: Includes: Element and normalize.css Vue -v 2.1 & Vue-router Vuex & Vuex-router

brianvoe No longer in development. Vue cli came out and tackled all the things I was trying to accomplish with this package. ue-build The build process is one

weavingbird Vue Settler A Vue 2.0 SPA starter based on the official vue webpack template. It includes the features already available in the official vue webpack t

egoist VuePack is a modern Vue.js starter which uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue-router and Webpack 2. Note I highly recommend you to try Poi, you can develop Vue.js ap

rayfranco Deprecated: Since vue-cli v3.0 is out, there is no interest in keeping this repository alive, since all of bourgeon setup is now available natively. T

kazupon πŸ”© vue-plugin-boilerplate Boilerplate for Vue.js plugin πŸš€ Usage $ npm i -g vue-cli $ vue init kazupon/vue-plugin-boilerplate vue-hello-plugin It’s u