vue-chartkick - Create beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Vue

Vue Chartkick Create beautiful JavaScript charts with one line of Vue See it in action Supports Chart.js, Google Charts, and Highcharts Quick Start Ru

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bbonnin vue-morris Vue.js components wrapping Morris.js lib See for documentation Depends on Vue.js v2.1.0+ Install Use n

apertureless vue-chartjs vue-chartjs is a wrapper for Chart.js in vue. You can easily create reuseable chart components. Demo & Docs 📺 Demo 📖 Docs Compatibility

GimmyHchs Deprecated Package 🔥 This package is no longer maintain. 🔥 vue-charts Base on Vue2, wrapper for ChartJs. Vue js Chart js Work well with Laravel Rend

ecomfe Vue-ECharts ECharts component for Vue.js. 🇨🇳 中文版 Built upon ECharts v4.1.0+ and depends on Vue.js v2.2.6+. Installation npm (Recommended) $ npm inst

QingWei-Li 🔥 🔥 🔥 More powerful, more flexible chart library for Vue.js 👉 🔥 🔥 🔥 Vue Trend 🌈 Simple, elegant spark lines

weizhenye vue-highcharts Highcharts component for Vue. Requirements Vue >= 2.0.0 Highcharts >= 4.2.0 Installation npm i -S vue-highcharts If you use Vue v1, you

xlsdg vue-echarts-v3 Vue.js v2.x+ component wrap for ECharts.js v3.x+ Feature Lightweight, efficient, on-demand binding events; Support for importing EChart

lakb248 v-chartist A component of Chartist implements by vuejs 2.0 Installation npm install v-chartist --save or bower install vue-chartist --save Usage imp