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Audio / Video

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Rudeus3Greyrat A Vue.js based video player with good look and custom user config

enzostvs A modern, visual video player for Vue3. It will bring your videos to life with a customizable and powerful player!

wobsoriano Vue + FFMPEG.WASM Video to GIF converter

suconghou 支持多源多线程下载的P2P视频分享

manikandanraji SpiderX allows you to watch movies by scraping data from the internet. The frontend is built with Vue.js and the scraping process is handled by python scrapy framework.

AbdallahHemdan 🎧 Qurany is a simple music player built using Vue.js as a side-project to enhance my skill in vue...

TheNerdful8 Lecture2Gether makes it possible to watch online lectures with friends by pasting a link to a Lecture2Go Video, a YouTube Video or a simple mp4 link. The video streams are synchronized to partially restore the social aspect of cam

forijk vue-audio-better Easy to create custom audio player components for Vue.js. 一个有灵魂的进度条。 A progress bar with soul. 简单、有趣的 audio 组件,非常感谢您的 star! Simple, f

algoz098 vue-player author - Artur Sena license - MIT Intro This is a html5 video component made in VueJS with to quickly add videos with placeholders and intr

core-player vue-core-video-player A Lightweight Video Player For Vue.js. Get Started Npm $ npm install vue-core-video-player --save Yarn $ yarn add vue-core-video

avidofood Responive Video Background Player for Vue ⚡️ If you are looking to play videos in the background, you have found the best Vue package for it 😜 (Curre

chenqiaoen521 Usage install npm -i vue-waveform import {waveform} from 'vue-waveform' Vue.use(waveform) Instructions scene websocket arraybuffer file mp3 aac blob a

johndatserakis vue-video-section A simple video header/section component for Vue. Good for video backgrounds and overlaying content on them. Links View demo View on

grishkovelli vue-audio-recorder Audio recorder for Vue.js. It allows to create, play, download and store records on a server. Live demo Features Beautiful clean UI

TerryZ v-playback A Vue2 plugin to make video play easier Examples、Documentation and Changelog Explorer on English site 国内站点 Installation npm i -S v-playback

redxtech vue-plyr v6.0.4 - Changelog A vue component for the plyr video & audio player. This is useful for when you want a nice video player in your Vue app. I

staskobzar vue-audio-visual Vue HTML5 audio visualization components Overview Install and setup API Common props AvLine props AvBars props AvCircle props AvWavef

petsgre Web pages based on HTML 5 < audio > music player demo // demo已停止 Requirements vue ^2.3.3 vue-resource ^1.3.4 v-click-outside ^0.0.8 Installation npm i

chrishurlburt vue-canvasvideo A Vue.js component for playing videos on HTML canvas. Useful for achieving autoplay videos in iOS and Safari. Overview Installation np

MoePlayer Vue-DPlayer A Vue 2.x video player component based on DPlayer. Live Demo Install npm install vue-dplayer -S Usage CDN:

shershen08 Vue.js sound player Vue.js sound audio player UI. Covers audio-tag API and adds more. Demo See DEMO here Installation Use npm: npm install vue-audio -

SevenOutman Vue-APlayer Vue implementation of APlayer prototype. Demo Features Beautiful clean UI Lyrics scroll Playlist with repeat & shuffle controls Custom the