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evryn Vue Registrar A dynamic component registrar and Vuex module assembler A Vue.js package that makes your code a lot cleaner and much more understandable

damianstasik vue-svg-loader webpack loader that lets you use SVG files as Vue components Documentation - FAQ Installation npm i -D vue-svg-loader vue-template-comp

skyrpex vue-jsx-hot-loader Works with: This loader will enable Hot Module Replacement for Webpack when using Vue's JSX render functions. Installation npm inst

FranckFreiburger http-vue-loader Load .vue files directly from your html/js. No node.js environment, no build step. examples my-component.vue <template> <div class

egoist Poi is a bundler built on the top of webpack, trying to make developing and bundling apps with webpack as easy as possible. The Poi project is support

nblackburn Vue Brunch Adds support to Brunch for pre-compiling single file Vue components. Installation For 2.x support, use the master branch... npm install vue

vuejs THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED Note: We are concentrating our efforts on supporting webpack and rollup. vueify Browserify transform for Vue.js componen

vuejs vue-loader webpack loader for Vue Single-File Components NOTE: The master branch now hosts the code for v15! Legacy code is now in the v14 branch. Doc

taoeffect VueScript2 - Simple, Familiar Asynchronous Script Loading VueScript2 brings back the <script> tag to your SPA (Single Page App)! This tiny library sho