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bagisto The Laravel eCommerce Size Chart Module allows the admin to easily create a size chart for their products. The size chart can be referenced by the customers to identify their accurate size.

un-pany 还在开发中,欢迎提交 PR 共建! ⚡️ 简介 完全基于 v3-admin 的 Electron 项目模板,文档也请参考 v3-admin 的文档。 ⌛ 功能 - 用户管理 - 登录 - 注销 - 权限验证 - 页面权限 - 指令权限 - 多环境 - development

duncs NAME cssh - Cluster administration tool VERSION This documentation is for version: 4.16 SYNOPSIS cssh [-a '<command>'] [-K <seconds>] [-

Tinywan 介绍 SCUI 是一个中后台前端解决方案,基于VUE3和elementPlus实现。 使用最新的前端技术栈,提供各类实用的组件方便在业务开发时的调用,并且持续性的提供丰富的业务模板帮助你快速搭建企业级中后台前端任务。

eggplantiny A Vue3 Todo Web Application with typescript, Vue3, Pinia, Tailwindcss, firebase 📝

eces select admin Easy build for admin/backoffice on YAML based declarative way. Features mysql backend support. RESTful HTTP API backend support. pgsql ba

cruip Free Tailwind & Vue.js admin dashboard template Mosaic Lite Vue is a responsive dashboard template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in Vue.

themeselection Materio - Vuetify VueJS Free Admin Template Production ready carefully crafted most comprehensive admin template Introduction If you’re a developer lo

niloysikdar A platform where users can sell and buy new as well as old/used products. Made using Golang, Gorilla Mux, SQLite and Vue.js

omermaksutii This is Mazer Dashboard in Vue

MichealPearce A template combining TypeORM, Express,, and NuxtJS with a custom server setup using ts-node. Includes a lot of features to help bootstrap and supercharge your application.

Rudeus3Greyrat A lightweight, ready-to-go front-end solution for admin interfaces based on Vue 3, Vite 2 and ElementPlus.

justboil Admin One - Vue.js 3 Tailwind CSS admin dashboard template

socketio Admin UI for Socket.IO

gentritabazi01 This is Soft UI Dashboard in Vue Js.

pratik227 Free Quasar Admin Template based on Vue.js and used Quasar Framework.

pumelotea 一个基于vue3js的全新管理端开发框架

Rudeus3Greyrat vue-element-admin is a production-ready front-end solution for admin interfaces. It is based on vue and uses the UI Toolkit element-ui.

Mantelijo EnzymeUI is free and open source Vue.js and Bootstrap based components library and admin dashboard template.

zhaojh329 Next oui – A modern web interface for OpenWrt implemented in vue.js

wobsoriano Dashboard starter template built with Vite, Vue 3, Tailwind CSS and TypeScript.

netcoresaas Free VueJS (with TypeScript) + TailwindCSS frontend for SaaS apps.

openfext Vue Admin Next Professional enterprise application with Vue Composition API, Multi-Module Design, Data Processing Flow, and Friendly User Interface. N

zce Dashboard A dashboard scaffolding based on vue.js created by vuejs/vue-cli. Preview Online demo username: zce password: wangl

codetrial Element Admin A dead simple but powerful vue admin with Vue CLI 3 and ElementUI. This project is built by a magic vue cli plugin - @codetrial/vue-cli-

tookit Vue Material Admin Plan and features will create a new template by vue-cli 3.x will remove some useless code becuase of the vuetify framework updates

DesignRevision Shards Dashboard Vue A free Vue admin dashboard template pack featuring a modern design system and lots of custom templates and components. ✨ Note: Yo

wxs77577 REST-ADMIN 中文文档 An Powerful Admin Dashboard based on Boostrap-Vue. Demo: admin admin Please support me on https://afdian

d2-projects D2Admin is a fully open source and free enterprise back-end product front-end integration solution, using the latest front-end technology stack, javas

PanJiaChen English | 简体中文 | 日本語 | Spanish Introduction vue-element-admin is a production-ready front-end solution for admin interfaces. It is based on vue and us

TonyLuo element-vue-admin A admin template base on element 2.x.x Live Demo: Build Setup # install dependencies npm

TonyLuo iview-vue-admin iView Vue Admin Live Demo: Build Setup # install dependencies npm install # serve with hot