Loaders / spinners / progress bars — Let the user know that something is loading

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igaloly Vue Preloaders Stable, Flexible and Fully Customizable Vue and Nuxt preloaders library. Attach your preloader at any time, to any element easily and q

shwilliam vue-loading-button Straightforward Vue button with slideout loading indicator Props Prop Type Required Default Description loading boolean false false

Saeris Vue Spinners A Vue.js port of react-spinners. 📦 Installation npm install --save @saeris/vue-spinners # or yarn add @saeris/vue-spinners 🔧 Usage Ther

anthinkingcoder tb-skeleton a vue component about toy bricks of skeleton screen loading install $ npm i tb-skeleton -s use npm import Vue from 'vue' import skelet

biigpongsatorn vue-element-loading ⏳ Loading inside a container or full screen for Vue.js 👀 Document & Demo Page Docs & Live demo Fully feature live demo 💻 Install

hussam-m vue2-form-loading A VueJS directive can be used with forms in order to disable submit button and make every input readonly after submitting Installati

TonPC64 vue-spinkit A collection of loading indicators animated with CSS for VueJS Inspiration Spinkit css animated loading react-spinkit loaders.css DEMO Ins

STUkh vue-promise-btn Example and Documentation https://STUkh.github.io/vue-promise-btn/ Features Easy-to-use API Flexible Usage Works with any tag and even

Hokid vue loaders loaders.css + vue < previous version NPM $ npm install -S vue-loaders CDN umd: https://unpkg.com/vue-loaders/dist/vue-loaders.umd.js esm/m

ankurk91 Vue Loading Overlay Component Vue.js component for full screen loading indicator Demo or JSFiddle Installation # yarn yarn add vue-loading-overlay #

chenxuan0000 svg-progress-bar A simple,progress bar for Vue.js 🐾 online demo | 🌾 simple demo | 📘 Chinese Document Browser support IE Firefox Chrome Safari iOS A

epicmaxco epic-spinners Easy to use css spinners collection with Vue.js integration. Developed by Epicmax. Subscribe to our newsletter to get Epic Spinners upda

realdah vue-blockui BlockUI for vue 2, similiar to jquery blockUI, can be used for loading screen. Table of contents Installation Usage Demo Screens Installat

Akryum vue-progress-path Progress bars and loading indicators that can take any form! This library is Work In Progress. Live Demo Sponsors Gold Silver Bronze

f Multiple Process Loader Management for Vue and (optionally) Vuex. Read the Medium post "Managing Complex Waiting Experiences on Web UIs". Play with de

dzwillia vue-simple-spinner A simple, flexible spinner for Vue.js vue-simple-spinner is designed to be a lightweight Vue.js spinner requiring minimal configura

wyzantinc vue-radial-progress A radial progress bar component for Vue.js. Uses SVG and javascript to animate a radial progress bar with a gradient. Live Demo Re