🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

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concords A tamper-proof Javascript data-ledger. concord /ˈkɒŋkɔːd/ agreement or harmony between people or groups.

auroral-ui Aurora is a next generation theme using Aurora colours and UI elements. It give you the feel of smooth flow of colours and a futuristic feeling.

protonemedia This package provides a DataTables-like experience for Inertia.js with support for searching, filtering, sorting, toggling columns, and pagination. It generates URLs that can be consumed by Spatie's excellent Laravel Query Builder

antiboredom a simple tool to help you escape zoom meetings by making your presence unbearable to others

romulorodrigues Responsive dashboard design using Vue.js

Aridez A fully explained and fully documented Vue + Tailwind setup using webpack, without magic behind the scenes

antfu Windi CSS vs Tailwind CSS JIT on Vite

mokuappio Serverless Invoices by Moku Serverless Invoices is a free invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses. It is open-source and easily extendable

wobsoriano Google Keep clone with Vue, Typescript and Firestore

pratik227 Free Quasar Admin Template based on Vue.js and used Quasar Framework.

pumelotea 一个基于vue3js的全新管理端开发框架

tvjsx 💹 Hackable charting lib for traders. You can draw literally ANYTHING on top of candlestick charts.

Kong Stale-while-revalidate data fetching for Vue

Qvant-lab A Vue.js Design System for Web. Responsive, user-friendly and lightweight library helping us build great products for our customers. This library for

Rudeus3Greyrat vue-keyboard-multiselect A project for building a keyboard-supported MultiSelect component based on Vue.js. Build Setup # install dependencies npm i v

ebrahimMaher دليل مبرمج - هذا المستودع يحوي الكود المصدري لمنصة "دليل مبرمج" العربية وتتم المساهمة في التطوير والمحتوى والمدونة عن طريقه. المس

sylvainjule Kirby Multilist This plugin helps dealing with long lists with multiple fields. Overview This plugin is completely free and published under the MIT li

1292150917 此版本是fork vue-tao-admin框架 并且基于优化项目 优化部分 tag切换新增拖拽位置跟右键关闭 webpack性能打包优化 table的换列操作 支持单table 支持侧边栏读取本地或者接口操作 内置formGenerator BUG反馈/问题交流 QQ群:818735789 关于

bawangxx Electron + vue + ElementUI + js开发的文字转语音软件 使用帮助: 采用阿里云语音合成引擎 官网地址: 一、设置应用秘钥 1.找到路径:src\views\Convert\api\alibaba.js 2.修改代码

cassidoo Cassidy's attempts to learn Vue.js with a todo app (and a counter app to boot)!

alloc Compress your bundle + assets from Vite

antfu ⚡️ Start the dev server immediately when you open the project

antfu Vitesse with Nuxt Vite

budgetzero budgetzero is a free, open-source, privacy-friendly, offline-first budgeting system.

vueuse 🤹 Vue Composables putting your components in motion

jacobclevenger ⚡ GraphQL Tags for your Vue SFC ⚡

LuckDraw 🎖🎖🎖 一个基于 vue2 / vue3 的【大转盘 / 九宫格】抽奖插件;🎉 A lucky draw plug-in based on vue2 / vue3;🎨 奖品 / 文字 / 图片 / 颜色 / 按钮均可配置,支持同步 / 异步抽奖,🎯 概率前 / 后端可控,自动根据 dpr 调整清晰度适配移动端

frandiox 🏕 Opinionated Vite Starter Template with SSR

antfu 📑 Transform texts with RegExp like a Pro.

Archeb Cross-platform blog theme written in Vue

bradtraversy Task Tracker project from youtube crash course

huoqingzhu vue3+vite+ts+Vant+vuex+router

Tahul This module is a Nuxt implementation of the Vue Composables @vueuse/motion.