🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

Newest releases

romulorodrigues Responsive dashboard design using Vue.js

wobsoriano Dashboard starter template built with Vite, Vue 3, Tailwind CSS and TypeScript.

JonathanDn A curated list of Israeli product companies/product companies who hire Israelis - who work with Vue JS (Sorted alphabetically)

netcoresaas Free VueJS (with TypeScript) + TailwindCSS frontend for SaaS apps.

vue-reactivity The missing `watch` for @vue/reactivity

happykit Add Feature Flags to your Next.js application with a single React Hook. This package integrates your Next.js application with HappyKit Flags. Create a free account to get started.

nuxt Nuxt Content lets you write in a content/ directory and fetch your Markdown, JSON, YAML, XML and CSV files through a MongoDB like API, acting as a Git-based Headless CMS

vuejs 该站点基于 Vuepress 构建而成。网站内容在 src 文件夹内,格式为 Markdown

biaochenxuying 此项目是基于 Vue 全家桶 + TypeScript + Element-UI 技术栈的简洁时尚博客网站。

intlify Composition API for vue-i18n in Vue 2.x

vuejs-jp This site is built with VuePress. Site content is written in Markdown format located in src.

troisjs I wanted to try to write a lib similar to react-three-fiber but for VueJS.

tinymce Official TinyMCE Vue component

ConsoleTVs 🔥 Vue 3 hook to use a stale-while-revalidate strategy to fetch data

jellyfin A modern web client for Jellyfin based on Vue.

element-plus 🎉Element Plus - A Vue.js 3.0 UI library

mayashavin Generate tool for color palettes from images and use in TailwindCSS

balancer-labs Off-chain gasless multi-governance client.

sorxrob Dashboard starter template built with Vue 3 and Tailwind CSS.

vitejs ⚡️ A curated list of awesome things related to Vite.js

sibbngheid Most elegant way to work with TailwindCSS variants in Vue

netlify Five years ago, Netlify launched and changed the way developers build for the web, and we've now onboarded more than 1 million users! Look up your Netlify account to learn when you joined, and check out the timeline to see animate

AbdallahHemdan Instanews is a fully responsive social media app that is a mimic for Instagram built using Vuejs.

posva Vue 3 library starter in TS with lint, auto release, changelog and tests

jfet97 A Vue composition function that makes infinite scroll a breeze.

lujakob NestJS codebase containing real world examples (CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld API spec.

yeahliv A pull Vue project template to the extreme speed of the CLI

kkbjs (WIP)fork from ElemeFE/element ,A Vue.js 3.0 UI Toolkit for Web

nordicgiant2 A beautiful vue.js homepage template, very useful

Datlyfe A Jira clone built with Vuejs & Nodejs/Graphql

ashishrawat2911 An Ecommerce application built in Flutter using Firebase.

kingflamez This is A Vue Package helps you write conditional code based on screen size, or get the screen size value

blacksonic Vue 3 Playground stands as a learning project for those who want to get familiar with the new features of Vue 3.