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devongovett vue-hooks Experiment to shim the React Hooks API in Vue 3 using the composition API. Attempting to get React Aria working. Project setup yarn install

someone0815 Parallax Swipe Realized Design Source Heroku Live Demo Project setup npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run serve Compiles and

jessarcher Laracon 2020 Examples This is just a standard Vue-CLI app with Vue 3, vue-router, and Tailwind CSS installed. I've created a few different pages to de

mprabs reddit-clone DEMO Project setup npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run serve Compiles and minifies for production npm run buil

supaflare Launch your own personal URL shortener / redirection service using free tiers of Supabase, Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Pages. Features Redirecti

productdevbook Nuxt 3 Starter We recommend to look at the documentation. Preview any repro live on Deploy to StackBlitz: This starter template also includes: Tailwin

JDIZM Nuxt 3 Minimal Starter We recommend to look at the documentation. Demo Setup Make sure to install the dependencie

acidjazz This requires Nuxt.js with the Tailwind CSS module Quick Setup Add the nuxt-tailvue dependency to your Nuxt.js project npm install nuxt-tailvue # OR y

itsalb3rt Agile visitors 📝 Application for registering employee entries with the possibility of generating reports, validating and storing users with minimal e

Kamona-WD K UI Breeze starter Different UI for larave/breeze. Note We recommend installing this package on a project that you are starting from scratch. Usage F

zernonia Timelino Twitter-liked platform without toxic and negativity Open Source • Super Early MVP View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature 🚀 Features 🔨 Sho

mjlajeunesse switchboard package for R purpose of the switchboard switchboard is a widget engine rendered in Tcl/Tk, a base-R GUI toolkit, for generating agile das

samzhangjy VueBlogger VueBlogger is a light-weight blogging site generator for Vue.js, built for geeks who wanted to write their blog site in Vue and write posts

Boos4721 今日校园自动化签到/查寝/信息收集 如何使用 点击右上绿色的Use this template 如图部署到你的仓库后开始第二步 配置&部署 编辑里面的 config.yml 为你自己的配置 替换sign.jpg为你的图片(如果你不需要) 若你登录需要验证码登录修改 system.yml 修改.git

Starz0r Are We Anti-Cheat Yet? A website dedicated to keeping track of which games have committed to bringing anti-cheat support to GNU/Linux. This project wa

tinybabydragon Beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects To run locally, npm install then npm run dev. Contributing Check out the contr

0xParrot Parmy Parmy is a chrome extension that lets you to collect parameters while your browsing. Screenshot Installation Run this command: npm install;npm r

dasmikko i18n Editor A super simple editor for vue-18n by kazupon It is hosted on netlify What is this? The goal of the tool is to simplify editing the languag

themeselection Materio - Vuetify VueJS Laravel Free Admin Template Production ready carefully crafted most comprehensive admin template Introduction If you’re a deve

Bambosh Let me tell you a story about a webcomic called Homestuck. The fourth in a series of “MS Paint Adventures” authored by Andrew Hussie from 2007 to 2016

antfu Welcome to Slidev! Edit on StackBlitz ⚡️ To start the slide show: npm install npm run dev visit http://localhost:3030 Edit the to see the ch

babashka neil A CLI to add common aliases and features to deps.edn-based projects. Installation Homebrew (Linux and macOS) $ brew install babashka/brew/neil S

ardasoyturk Twitter Profile Viewer A service to see your Twitter profile from a new perspective with more details, using all of the data you can get from the Twit

vform666 A powerful online form designer for Vue.

bilalbentoumi Windows 11 simulator built with modern web technologies, Vue.js for the main framework, Tailwind as css framework, Vuex, Scss..

sdras Career Ladders Site is here: Career Ladders Site I have an article about how I put these into practice in case it's helpful. It's very important to no

GoogleCloudPlatform Carbon free energy for Google Cloud regions This repository contains sustainability characteristics of Google Cloud regions in a machine readable form

supabase-community Supabase SQL Simple Curated Supabase SQL View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature 🚀 Features 📃 Curated list of SQL script 🧪 Tested script 🏂 Easy c

0perationPrivacy For instructions, visit the Wiki section. View the Changelog Report Security Issues Troubleshooting tips Donate:

protonemedia Inertia Vue Modal POC I've copied the default Laravel Jetstream modal component for this demo. Blog post Proof of Concept: Load any route into a modal

bradtraversy Vue Covid-19 Tracker Displays the new/total cases and deaths globaly as well as per country API This project uses the by Kyle Redelingh

zernonia Supabase SQL Simple Curated Supabase SQL View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature 🚀 Features 📃 Curated list of SQL script 🧪 Tested script 🏂 Easy c

jobguywork جاب‌گای چیست؟ اونجا وضعیت چطوریه؟ یه سوال به همین کلیت و ابهام معمولا وقتی برای یه شرکت رزومه می‌فرستیم این سوال کلی و بزرگ برای همه پیش میاد.اونجا وض