Python is a multi-paradigm, dynamically typed, multipurpose programming language. It is designed to be quick to learn, understand, and use, and enforce a clean and uniform syntax. Please note that Python 2 is officially out of support as of 01-01-2020. Still, for version-specific Python questions, add the [python-2.7] or [python-3.x] tag. When using a Python variant or library (e.g. Jython, PyPy, Pandas, Numpy), please include it in the tags.

google Python Fire Python Fire is a library for creating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object. Python Fire is a simple way to create a CLI in Python. [1] Python Fire is a helpful tool for deve

nvbn Py-backwards Python to python compiler that allows you to use some Python 3.6 features in older versions, you can try it in the online demo. Requires Python 3.3+ to run, can compile down to 2.7. Supported f

JuliaPy This package provides the ability to directly call and fully interoperate with Python from the Julia language. You can import arbitrary Python modules from Julia, call Python functions (with automatic conversion of types between J

nvdv vprof vprof is a Python package providing rich and interactive visualizations for various Python program characteristics such as running time and memory usage. It supports Python 2.7, Python 3.4, Python 3.5 and distr

python-mode Python-mode, a Python IDE for Vim This project needs contributors. Documentation: :help pymode Important notes: From 2017-11-19 onwards python-m

gak Python Call Graph Welcome! Python Call Graph is a Python module that creates call graph visualizations for Python applications. Screenshots Click on the images below to see a larger version and

naftaliharris Tauthon Tauthon is a backwards-compatible fork of the Python 2.7.18 interpreter with new syntax, builtins, and libraries backported from Python 3.x. Python code and C-extensions targeting Python 2.7 or below are expecte

gregmalcolm Python Koans Python Koans is a port of Edgecase's "Ruby Koans" which can be found at Python Koans is an interactive tutorial for learning the Python programming language by making tests pass.

atom-community IDE-python package Python language support for Atom-IDE, powered by the Python language server. Requirements ide-python requires Atom 1.21+, Python language server 0.29+ and the atom-ide-ui package to ex

adamdriscoll Snek PowerShell wrapper around Python for .NET to invoke Python from PowerShell Install snek Install-Module snek Requirements Python v2.7, v3.5, v3.6, or v3.7 (defaults to python

iTechArt convtools convtools is a python library to declaratively define quite fast conversions from python objects to python objects, including processing collections and doing complex aggregations and joins. Once defined, the con

KhoaDauTay Learn the latest version of Python i.e Python 3 Understand & learn each and every Python concept. Learn how to automate social media posts using Selenium Make Web-Applications using Python.

checkymander C# Executable with embedded Python that can be used reflectively to run python code on systems without Python installed

chrismattmann Tika-Python is a Python binding to the Apache Tika™ REST services allowing Tika to be called natively in the Python community.

fastai A minimal Python kernel so you can run Python in your Python

takluyver Pynsist is a tool to build Windows installers for your Python applications. The installers bundle Python itself, so you can distribute your application to people who don't have Python installed. Pynsist 2 requires Python 3.5 or a

nficano python-λ Python-lambda is a toolset for developing and deploying serverless Python code in AWS Lambda. A call for contributors With python-lambda and pytube both continuing to gain momentum, I'm call

Eniac-Xie PyConvNet: CNN for Python PyConvNet is a python implementation of convolutional neural network. To train LeNet on MNIST dataset, just do as follow(you may need some python package such as numpy matplotlib): cd pyth

alex-sherman Python-JRPC A Python remote procedure call framework that uses JSON RPC v2.0 Install using pip: pip install python-jrpc Socket Based Usage Python-JRPC allows programmers to create powerful client/server p

pythonnet pythonnet - Python for .NET Python for .NET is a package that gives Python programmers nearly seamless integration with the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) and provides a powerful application scripti

muricoca Crab - A Recommendation Engine library for Python Crab is a flexible, fast recommender engine for Python that integrates classic information filtering recom- mendation algorithms in the world of scientific Python packages

lepture Mistune The fastest markdown parser in pure Python with renderer features, inspired by marked. Features Pure Python. Tested in Python 2.6+, Python 3.3+ and PyPy. Very Fast. It is the

daviddrysdale phonenumbers Python Library This is a Python port of Google's libphonenumber library It supports Python 2.5-2.7 and Python 3.x (in the same codebase, with no 2to3 conversion needed). Original Java code is Copyright (

jplana python-etcd documentation A python client for Etcd Official documentation: Installation Pre-requirements This version of