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iOS is the mobile operating system running on the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Use this tag [ios] for questions related to programming on the iOS platform. Use the related tags [objective-c] and [swift] for issues specific to those programming languages.

intercom Installation Intercom for iOS supports iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11. CocoaPods Add the Intercom pod into your Podfile and run pod install. target :YourTargetName do pod 'Intercom'

openstf ios-minicap iOS Minicap provides a socket interface for streaming realtime screen capture data out of iOS devices. It is built with AVFoundation and iOS Screen mirroring feature. Requirements brew install

yahoo AppDevKit AppDevKit is an iOS development library that provides developers with useful features to fulfill their everyday iOS app development needs. Yahoo’s Taiwan based iOS app development team has been using this

haiwen Introduction Seafile-iOS is a the iOS client for Seafile. Build and Run Follow these steps : git clone https://github.com/haiwen/seafile-iOS.git cd seafile-iOS pod install open seafilePro.xcworkspace Then

JunyuKuang Location-Cleaner An iOS app to clear location tags from all of photos and videos in your iOS Photo Library. Requirement iOS 8.0+ Related Project KrauseFx/detect.location An easy way to access th

tiagomartinho Reminders iOS An iOS application written in Swift to demonstrate how to implement a Clean Architecture in iOS. Idea The idea is to implement the simplest To-Do List app. The user can add a Reminder with a Ti

invertase Precompiled Firestore iOS SDK xcframework files extracted from the Firebase iOS SDK repository release downloads, tagged by Firebase iOS SDK version and presented as a consumable podspec .

osy This app uses libimobiledevice and WiFi pairing to use one iOS device to launch apps with the debugger on another iOS device. This "tethered" launch allows JIT to work on the second iOS device.

jjldxz Cloud_Lvb_SDK iOS API Reference Dxz Meeting iOS SDK是为 iOS 平台用户音视频服务的开源 SDK。通过大学长开放平台自研RTC,RTM系统,为客户提供质量可靠的音视频服务。 使用方式: Pod仓引用SDK pod 'CloudLVB-SDK-IOS

recruit-mtl # ###Light weight charts view generater for iOS. Written in Swift. Requirements iOS 8.0+ XCode 7.3+ Installation CocoaPods $ pod init specify it in your Podfile platform :ios,

mmastrac jQuery iOS no-click-delay This jQuery plugin removes the click delay from iOS webviews. Normally iOS defers the click event until 300ms has elapsed, to allow the user to trigger a zoom event with a double-tap. On views

xamarin Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Mac Welcome! This module is the main repository for both Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac. These SDKs allow us to create native iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS applications using the same

squimer DatePickerDialog 3.0- iOS - Swift DatePickerDialog is an iOS drop-in classe that displays an UIDatePicker within an UIAlertView. Requirements DatePickerDialog works on iOS 7, 8 and 9, 10, 11 and 12. It dep

jzau awesome-ios-animation Awesome iOS Animation Paper Fold Effect View Controller Transitions Library PaperFoldGallery PaperFoldMenuController MPTransition PaperFold for iOS

CNKCQ Deardialing for iOS Deardialing for iOS is a app designed by CNKCQ and written in Swift 3. Deardialing is a sample iOS app created with iOS. Getting Started To get started and run the app, you need to fol

Alua-Kinzhebayeva Deprecated in favor of PDFKIT for iOS 11+ apps iOS-PDF-Reader PDF Reader for iOS written in Swift Fast and lightweight Thumbnail bar on the bottom to navigate to a specific page Print button on t

material-components Material Components for iOS Material Components for iOS (MDC-iOS) helps developers execute Material Design. Developed by a core team of engineers and UX designers at Google, these components enable a reliable deve

wl879 SwiftyCss Use Css rule development iOS App ‼️ Significant change alpha 0.1.0 Installation Simple Drag SwiftyCss.framework/SwiftyNode.framework/SwiftyBox.framework from iOS/Release/ or iOS/

noobcola Simple iOS Parallax Effect A simple jQuery plugin that reproduces the moving background parallax effect in iOS using only HTML, CSS, and JS Example Usage Include jQuery and ios-parallax: <script src="/

skellock 📷 osnap! A CLI for grabbing ios/android screenshots and saving to your clipboard or filesystem. ✍️ Usage osnap [ios|android] [-f filename.png] [-d android_device_id] 🍎 With iOS

apollographql Apollo iOS Apollo iOS is a strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift. It allows you to execute queries and mutations against a GraphQL server, and returns results as query-specific Swift t

hansemannn 📱 iOS 11 NFC-Example A quick example showing how to use the Core NFC API in iOS 11 and Swift 4. Prerequisites Xcode 9 iOS 11 device (iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus) NFC-permissions added to your Inf

mssun Pass Pass is an iOS client compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application. It is a password manager using GPG for encryption and Git for version control. Pass for iOS is available in App Store with the na

artemnovichkov iOS 11 by Examples Code examples for new APIs of iOS 11. Note: The project requires Xcode 9 Beta 1 or later, Swift 4 and iOS 11. Contents Core ML Image classification demo usin