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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the main markup language for creating web pages and other information to be displayed in a web browser. Questions regarding HTML should include a minimal reproducible example and some idea of what you're trying to achieve. This tag is rarely used alone and is often paired with [CSS] and [javascript].

yosssi Ace - HTML template engine for Go Overview Ace is an HTML template engine for Go. This is inspired by Slim and Jade. This is a refinement of Gold. Example = doctype html html lang=en head

thephpleague HTML To Markdown for PHP Library which converts HTML to Markdown for your sanity and convenience. Requires: PHP 5.3+ Lead Developer: @colinodell Original Author: @nickcernis Why convert HTML to Ma

buckyroberts This tool accepts a list of URL's from a file, parses each one, and converts the HTML to JSON format. Demo Original HTML: <title>Buy Historical Stock Market Analytics JSON API | Stock Data API</title>

gjtorikian HTML::Pipeline GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities. This module includes a small framework for defining DOM based content filters and applying them to user provided content. Read an introduction about this pro

substack highlight-javascript-syntax highlight javascript syntax with html This module inserts <span> elements into a string of javascript syntax. example var highlight = require('highlight-javascript-syntax

substack highlight-bash-syntax highlight bash syntax with html example given a shell script: #!/bin/bash echo hello > cool.txt echo 'ok <3' and a program to turn it into html: var highlight = require('h

sakamies Foolproof HTML editor prototype The grand idea is to build a native html editor (so not a general text editor that's customized for html, but purpose built for only html) that can handle any html, even with random templ

SufficientlySecure HtmlTextView for Android HtmlTextView is an extended TextView component for Android, which can load HTML and converts it into Spannable for displaying it. It is a replacement for usage of the WebView component, which be

stackhtml documentify Modular HTML bundler. Usage $ documentify [entry-file] [options] Options: -h, --help print usage -v, --version print version Examples: Start bundling HTML

Imangazaliev DiDOM README на русском DiDOM - simple and fast HTML parser. Contents Installation Quick start Creating new document Search for elements Verify if element exists Search in element Suppor

html-sketchapp html-sketchapp:Experimental HTML to Sketch export solution

PHPJunior Laravel Html Encrypt Installation You can install the package via composer: composer require php-junior/laravel-html-encrypt Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manuall

Mindinventory Golang HTML to PDF Converter For reading any document, one prefers PDF format over any other formats as it is considered as a standard format for any document in our day to day life. We often come across converting

dokun1 Vaux Vaux is a library that allows you to generate HTML using Swift. It includes a domain-specific language written in Swift for HTML, and its purpose is to allow developers to write HTML, but in Swift

Tyrrrz LtGt LtGt is a minimalistic library for working with HTML. It can parse any HTML5-compliant code into an object model which you can use to traverse nodes or locate specific elements. The library establishes itself

mild-times html-index Generate an HTML index. Documentation Crates.io Releases Why? Over the years the HTML spec has added lots of new capabilities in a backward

google safehtml provides immutable string-like types that wrap web types such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Lorenalgm A profile component made with css and html! :)

giuseppeg xm is a tiny compiler for HTML

Snowflake107 Discord UI Clone in HTML