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johnno1962 SwiftUIPlaygrounds! A shell project you can use to iterate over SwiftUI interfaces using the HotReloading project. Instead of a "preview" the interfac

day8 shadow-git-inject This is a shadow-cljs "build hook" which processes your build "configuration". At build time, it will compute an application's "vers

marcosgriselli WWDC 21 Slack lounges questions and answers for SwiftUI and Developer Tools

jevonmao PermissionsSwiftUI displays and handles permissions in SwiftUI. It is largely inspired by SPPermissions. The UI is highly customizable and resembles an Apple style.

spotify XCMetrics is the easiest way to collect Xcode build metrics and improve developer productivity.

ssut IntelliJ IDEA is written in Java so it is a cross-platform IDE - meaning that you can use it on any platforms that Java works.

downtownjakebrown This tool utilizes the built-in scripting of Adobe Illustrator ("AI") to convert shapes drawn with AI into swift code

ProxymanApp Modern and Delightful HTTP Debugging Proxy 👨‍💻 • 🌎 Features ✅ Intercept HTTP/HTTPS (SSL) requests. Support iOS simulator and iOS and Android devices.

LeoMobileDeveloper Contents Website IDE Dependency Manager Platform Command Line Tool DEBUG Project Analyze Network Data Compiler Test Localization Reverse engineering App Guard Chrome Extension Other

weexteam weex-devtool-iOS Remote debug for your native iOS app using Chrome Developer Tools Launch Firstly, install weex-toolkit by $ npm i [email protected] -g Then run the command: $ weex debug You can

louisdh Lioness • Cub • SavannaKit • Savanna Savanna About Savanna is a native IDE for the Cub programming language. The Savanna IDE allows you to test your OpenTerm scripts and other Cub co

quicktype Try quicktype in your browser. quicktype infers types from sample JSON data, then outputs strongly typed models and serializers for working with that data in Swift, Objective-C, C++, Java and more. This extension

krzysztofzablocki KZLinkedConsole Ever wondered which part of your application logged the message you just saw in console? Wonder no more, instead just click on it to jump to the culprit. Simple as that. Installation Downl

JohnSundell 🎨 My Xcode theme - Sundell's Colors This repository contains the Xcode theme that I use. Feel free to use it or modify it to your liking 👍 Installing using Marathon The easiest way to insta

tid-kijyun Alignment This Xcode source editor extension align your assignment statement. Install: Usage: Open your code on Xcode 8 Select your code Choose menu Editor > Alignment

AppScaffold ASDebugger ASDebugger is a remote debugging toolset for iOS App. it's a way remotely check any network transaction, effortlessly Mock Data, It is able to intergrate with CocoaPods easily, also it's alternative for

Juanpe When you decide to use VIPER architecture in your project, it is very tired create new modules, because you need create at least 5 files for each. Imagine that you need to create 6 modules...I was suffering this problem, and thi

remirobert Dotzu In-App iOS Debugging Tool With Enhanced Logging, Networking Info, Crash reporting And More. The debugger tool for iOS developer. Display logs, network request, device informations, crash logs while us

kuyawa Macaw - Code Editor in Swift Macaw Editor is a simple code editor for Swift specially designed for ease of use without all the bloat of Xcode, just ten megs instead of four gigs. Ideal for coding server apps in Swift,

jinmingjian Swift Development Environment 2.0 Release Broadcast The 2.0 release introduces a new tool, SourceKite, as the interface to SourceKit library. Since the Swift ABI is not stable, you need to build it if

thomaspaulmann Swish is a simple script for remote building your Swift projects on a Linux machine. Why is that so cool? You can develop in Xcode on macOS and can use an External Build System to deploy your code on Linux. The next chapters ar

sergdort Depricated! There is not need for it at the moment as Swift compiler can do that for us 🚀 Swift Equatable Generator Xcode 8 Source Code Extension will generate conformance to Swift Equatable protocol

music4kid Available on App Store: What is it? It's a plugin or extension for Xcode 8, It can be used as a replacement of "Code Snippet Library", It

ebaker355 FastCommentLine Xcode 8 Source Extension that moves cursor to next line after commenting/uncommenting current line, similar to the behavior in AppCode. Xcode Key Binding To really fly, add a key binding sh

markohlebar Import ☝️ Xcode extension for adding imports from anywhere in the code. Now available on App Store Why? Because sometimes you are on 300th line of code and scrolling up just to add an import is a w

why19910522 ExtXcode8 A Xcode Source Editor Extention for Xcode8. ##Usage 0. Install Xcode 8 sudo /usr/libexec/xpccachectl in macOS EI Capitan Sign every targets (app & extensions) using your developer certificate B

Bouke Swift Initializer Generator This Xcode Source Code Extension will generate a Swift initializer based on the lines you've selected. Handy if you made a struct public and now you have to provide the initializer implementa

apple About Swift Protobuf The Swift Protobuf project has been combined into a single Github repository at Please use that repository going forward. Thank you for your patience wh

jpsim SourceKitten An adorable little framework and command line tool for interacting with SourceKit. SourceKitten links and communicates with sourcekitd.framework to parse the Swift AST, extract comment docs for Swift or Ob

johnno1962 Refactorator Xcode Plugin Due to changes in the index database with Xcode 10 this plugin no longer works. Refactorator is an Xcode plugin for refactoring Swift & now Objective-C code. It will rename public or inter

cyanzhong Dotify Convert [[AnObject method1] method2] to AnObject.method1.method2 with Xcode Extension Editor Menu Set Xcode Key-Binding Use Shortcut What is it xTextHandler

BalestraPatrick Clean Closure - Xcode Source Editor Extension Clean Closure is a simple Xcode Source Editor Extension for Xcode 8. It parses each line of a file to simplify the syntax of closures in your Swift code by removing the us