TextField & TextView

TextField & TextView

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jwd-ali Animated Subclass of UITextField created with CABasicAnimation and CAShapeLayer

jwd-ali JDTextField JDTextField is animateable UITextField that can significantly enhance your user's experiences and set your app apart from the rest of the

art-technologies Focuser allows to focus SwiftUI text fields dynamically and implements ability move go through the form using Keyboard for iOS 13 and iOS 14.

AbdelrhmanKamalEliwa A beautiful iOS OTP Text Field library, written in Swift with full access customization in UI.

ZeeZide It builds on top of Highlightr which does the wrapping of Highlight.js. CodeEditor then packages things up for SwiftUI.

onl1ner STTextView โ€“ easy and clean framework written in Swift. The framework adds a custom UITextView subclass with a needed placeholder property.

MojtabaHs Elegant SwiftUI phone number textField.

gonzalezreal MarkdownUI is a library for rendering Markdown in SwiftUI, fully compliant with the CommonMark Spec.

unboxme Blurberry - Transparent blur using UIVisualEffectView without subclassing

Rimesh iOS Notes style formatting for UITextView using NSAttributedString

cbpowell Overview MarqueeLabel is a UILabel subclass adds a scrolling marquee effect when the text of the label outgrows the available width. The label scrolling direction and speed/rate can be specified as well. All standard UI

edw NumberField: Real-time NumberFormatter Validation of TextField Input One of the most frustrating parts of building SwiftUI-based apps at the moment is dealing with input validation of numeric values. As of this writing,

yassram ๐ŸŽฌ Preview ๐ŸŒŸ Features Easily usable Simple Swift syntax Cool flip animation Compatible with Carthage Compatible with CocoaPods Customizable Universal (i

natangr KohanaTextField This is an iOS library that implements the Kohana Text Field animation. How to use Storyboard Create an UIView on your storyboard and set the view's class as Koha

RenGate MetricPrefixNumberFormatter is an NSNumberFormatter subclass designed to format large and small numbers using the metric prefixes. This is a must have library, if your app displays potentially big numbers like a number of

tophat RichTextView iOS Text View (UIView) that Properly Displays LaTeX, HTML, Markdown, and YouTube/Vimeo Links Installation Using Cocoapods Simply add the following to your Podfi

overboming ZCAnimatedLabel UILabel-like view with easy to extend appear/disappear animation Features Rich text support (with NSAttributedString) Group aniamtion by character/word/line Customizable animation star

apasccon SearchTextField Overview SearchTextField is a subclass of UITextField, written in Swift that makes really easy the ability to show an autocomplete suggestions list. You can decide wether to show the lis

GitHawkApp StyledTextKit is a declarative attributed string library for fast rendering and easy string building. It serves as a simple replacement to NSAttributedString and UILabel for background-thread sizing and bitmap caching.

oleghnidets TweeTextField This is lightweight library that provides different types of Text Fields based on your needs. I was inspired by Jan Henneberg. Features Customizable placeholder Customi

wordpress-mobile Aztec for iOS: Native HTML Editor About Aztec & WordPressEditor Aztec is a Swift library that provides a UITextView subclass with HTML visual-editing capabilities. Use this library if you wan

JeaSungLEE TextViewMaster Introduce Easy custom placeholder and growing textView You can easily adjust the color, font, and position of the placeholder. The height of the textview automatically changes every tim

younatics ๐ŸŽถ PowerMode in iOS! Spark action Shake action Requirements PowerMode is written in Swift 4. Compatible with iOS 9.0+

lm2343635 MGKeyboardAccessory MGKeyboardAccessory is a keyboard accessory to input special characters in UITextField or UI directly. It allows developers to add the custom button with characters in keyboard accessory, chara

alldritt TextKit LineNumbers This sample code demonstrates one way of displaying line numbers in an iOS7 UITextView. This makes use of iOS7's Text Kit classes and can accommodate texts with varying fonts from one paragraph to an

pisces OrangeLabel OrangeLabel is extensions of UILabel linkable, available line background and placeholder text Features Link for mention, hashtag, url and custom Placeholder text and color Line

orucanil StringFormatter Simple Text Formetter (Credit Card Number, Phone Number, Serial Number etc.) Can be used in all text inputs according to the format pattern. If desired, large minor character restrictions can be made in

TimOliver TOPasscodeViewController A modal passcode input and validation view controller for iOS. TOPasscodeViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass that will overlay a full-screen passcode

HamzaGhazouani HGPlaceholders Example To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. Requirements iOS 9.0+ Xcode 8.3 You also

coteditor CotEditor CotEditor is a lightweight plain-text editor for macOS. Requirement: macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later Web Site: https://coteditor.com Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/coteditor/id1024640650?

LaurentiuUngur LUAutocompleteView Easy to use and highly configurable autocomplete view that is attachable to any UITextField Installation CocoaPods CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Cocoa projec

keitaoouchi MarkdownView MarkdownView is a WKWebView based UI element, and internally use bootstrap, highlight.js, markdown-it. How to use import MarkdownView let md = MarkdownView() md.load(markdown: "#