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michaelhenry create-report A Github action for creating generic run report (using Markdown!) - uses: michaelhenry/[email protected] with: report-title: "

frankrausch AttributedString Markdown initializer with custom styling AttributedString in iOS 15 and macOS 12 comes with a Markdown initializer. But: There is no

davdroman Text composition in SwiftUI can often be cumbersome, especially when there's logic affecting its format and content.

steventroughtonsmith This is a modern reimagining in Catalyst (Mac Idiom) of one of my first projects for Mac, SmallText, from 2000–2001.

engali94 A light weigt text editor with syntax highlighting. It is written completly in Swift using ANSI Escape Sequnces.

joekndy A SwiftUI Marquee or "scrolling text" effect found in Apple native apps. For when one line isn't enough, but two is just too much 😉

JohnSundell Welcome to Ink, a fast and flexible Markdown parser written in Swift. It can be used to convert Markdown-formatted strings into HTML, and also supports metadata parsing, as well as powerful customization options for

twostraws Markdown This provides fast and simple Markdown support for Swift, compatible with both macOS and Linux. It wraps the C Discount library, which does almost all the work. Installation If you’re runni

objcio 🎰 Markdown Playgrounds for Swift What it does This app reads and writes Markdown documents that contain Swift code. The code can be executed too! You can run individual code blocks, or all the blo

bmoliveira MarkdownKit MarkdownKit is a customizable and extensible Markdown parser for iOS. It supports many of the standard Markdown elements through the use of Regular Expressions. It also allows customization of font an

lukakerr Pine Pine is lightweight macOS markdown editor. It's currently a work in progress. It is a document based application, and aims to follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines Installing Pine is still

johnxnguyen Down Blazing fast Markdown (CommonMark) rendering in Swift, built upon cmark v0.29.0. Is your app using it? Let us know! Maintainers Rob Phillips John Nguyen Keaton Burleson phoney Tony

M2Mobi Marky Mark Marky Mark is a parser written in Swift that converts markdown into native views. The way it looks it highly customizable and the supported markdown syntax is easy to extend. Example To run

calebkleveter SwiftMark SwiftMark is a Markdown to HTML renderer built in Swift. #pureswift Usage SwiftMark is a SwiftPM package (though versions 1.0.0 to 1.3.0 also work as a CocoaPod). Add this line to your dependenc

MacDownApp MacDown MacDown is an open source Markdown editor for OS X, released under the MIT License. The author stole the idea from Chen Luo’s Mou so that people can make crappy clones. Visit the project site for more info

kaishin Markoff A light-weight CommonMark previewer for OSX. Uses cmark, a C implementation of CommonMark, for parsing and rendering. This is a lot of faster than other existing Ruby and JavaScript solutions. Allows yo

SimonFairbairn SwiftyMarkdown 1.0 SwiftyMarkdown converts Markdown files and strings into NSAttributedStrings using sensible defaults and a Swift-style syntax. It uses dynamic type to set the font size correctly with whatever font you

kristopherjohnson (Note: I am no longer actively working on or maintaining Markingbird. If anyone wants to take on the responsibility of ongoing maintenance, please fork this repo and let me know, and I'll direct people to your fork.) Ma