Colour blindness simulation and testing for iOS

Color Deficiency Snapshot Tests This package makes it easier for you to understand the implications of your app's design on users with various types o
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Last update: Sep 22, 2021

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bytedance Fastbot is a model-based testing tool for modeling GUI transitions to discover app stability problems. It combines machine learning and reinforcement learning techniques to assist discovery in a more intelligent way.

Sherlouk Color Deficiency Snapshot Tests This package makes it easier for you to understand the implications of your app's design on users with various types o

pointfreeco Define XCTest assertion helpers directly in your application and library code.

nalexn ViewInspector is a library for unit testing SwiftUI views. It allows for traversing a view hierarchy at runtime providing direct access to the underlying View structs.

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Farfetch Simplify software testing, by easily mocking any system using HTTP/HTTPS, allowing a team to test and develop against a service that is not complete or is unstable or just to reproduce planned/edge cases.

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WeTransfer Mocker is a library written in Swift which makes it possible to mock data requests using a custom URLProtocol. Features Requirements Usage Activating the Mocker Custom URLSessions Alamofire

avito-tech Welcome to Emcee project, an ultimate solution for running iOS tests in parallel locally and across many Macs. Emcee allows you to run UI tests on many physical machines, distributing the work and getting the results of the test run faster

google What is GTXiLib? GTXiLib, Google Toolbox for Accessibility for the iOS platform or simply GTX-eye is a framework for iOS accessibility testing. GTXiLib has XCTest integration and can be used with any XCTest-based frameworks suc