A list of libs that allow you to decrease the amount of time spent dealing with http requests.

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Colaski SwAuth SwAuth is an OAuth 2.0 HTTP request library written in Swift for iOS 15.0+, macOS 12.0+, watchOS 8.0+, and tvOS 15.0+. Features Requirements In

mochidev URLSessionBackport URLSessionBackport aims to make it possible to use URLSession's new async/await syntax on older OSs, namely iOS 13 or macOS 10.15 a

Ali-Fayed Advanced Swift Networking Layer Hi there, This is Advanced Networking Layer Using Alamofire with Unit Testing πŸ‘‹ Networking Layer Features: Generic AP

immobiliare RealHTTP RealHTTP is a lightweight yet powerful client-side HTTP library. Our goal is make an easy to use and effortless http client for Swift. Featur

osy Purple Haze A DNS tunnel client for iOS based on Iodine. A paid Apple Developer account is required to build because of the entitlements needed for Ne

qitab gRPC Client Library in Common Lisp Overview This package defines a gRPC client library for Common Lisp. It wraps gRPC core functions with CFFI calls a

ProxymanApp A little and powerful iOS framework for intercepting HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from your app. No more messing around with proxy, certificate config.

Shubham0812 Generic Network Layer created using Swift.

PraneetNeuro A macOS application to test APIs with HTTP methods (Decluttered Postman), built with SwiftUI.

rsocket rsocket-swift is an implementation of the RSocket protocol in Swift.

d-date Lightweight OAuth 2.0 Client with PKCE

sgtaziz iOS tweak companion for WebMessage client.

snbl DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS Configuration for iOS

lechium VPN daemon utilized by nitoTV to deliver VPN access on tvOS

grpc It is intended for use with Apple's SwiftProtobuf support for Protocol Buffers. Both projects contain code generation plugins for protoc, Google's Protocol Buffer compiler, and both contain libraries of supporting code that is nee

evilpenguin NetworkSniffer will log ALL traffic for any iOS application. This includes WKWebView and UIWebView.

Itaybre πŸ“Ά List networks on device and share them using QRs

hamikm Back up photos and videos to your own server instead of iCloud!

apple This library aims to help Swift make ground in a new space: clustered multi-node distributed systems.

khanlou Meridian is a web server written in Swift that lets you write your endpoints in a declarative way.

GetStream This project is a starting point for writing an HTTP service in Swift.

OpenIntelWireless Intel Wi-Fi Client for itlwm

singular-labs Sample apps demonstrating the logic needed to implement SKAdNetwork as an ad network, publisher and advertiser.

KarimEbrahemAbdelaziz Zen, Zero Effort Networking Zen is simple yet powerfull Networking library for iOS. It leverage the powerfull feature of Alamofire and Swift to make building Network Layer more straight for

insidegui MultipeerKit A high-level abstraction built on top of the MultipeerConnectivity framework, which allows iOS, macOS and tvOS devices to exchange data between them over Wi-Fi networks, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

radianttap Alley Essential URLSessionDataTask micro-wrapper for communication with HTTP(S) web services. This is built as framework but it’s so small that I encourage you to simply copy the Alley folder into your project di

carson-katri Installation - Getting Started - Building a Request - Codable - How it Works - Request Groups - Request Chains - Json - Contributing - License Using with SwiftUI Installation swift-request can be installed v

ZewoGraveyard HTTPParser HTTPParser is an HTTP (RFC 2616) parser for Swift 3.0. Features Asynchronous parsing Handles persistent streams (keep-alive) Decodes chunked encoding Defends again

socketio Socket.IO-Client-Swift Socket.IO-client for iOS/OS X. Example import SocketIO let manager = SocketManager(socketURL: URL(string: "http://localhost:8080")!, config: [.log(true), .compress])

swift-server-community An HTTP/2 APNS library built on swift-nio

swift-server-community APNSwift A non-blocking Swift module for sending remote Apple Push Notification requests to APNS built on http/2, SwiftNIO for use on server side swift platforms. Installation To install APNSwift, just