List of awesome iOS & Swift stuff!!

List of awesome iOS & Swift stuff!!###{"Swift":26187}

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louisdh Lioness β€’ Cub β€’ SavannaKit The Lioness Programming Language Lioness is a high-level, dynamic, programming language designed for mathematical purposes. This project includes a lexer, parser, compiler and int

justeat ScrollingStackViewController ScrollingStackViewController is a convenient replacement for the UITableViewController more suitable in situations when you're building a scrolling controller with a limited number or dynamic a

brutella swift-csv swift-csv is a stream based CSV library written in Swift. It uses InputStream to parse a CSV file and OutputStream to write CSV data to a file. This way it doesn't keep everything in memory while working with big CSV fi

LeonardoCardoso SendIndicator Yet another task indicator Requirements Installation Usage License Requirements iOS 8.0+ Swift 3.0+ Xcode 8.0+ Installation CocoaPods CocoaPods is a

100mango A Powerful , Extensible CSS Parser written in pure Swift. Basic Usage From CSS: #View { "width" : 118; "height" : 120.5; "color1" : "#888888"; "color2" : RGB(200,200,200); "color3" : RGB(200,200,200,0.5); "font1"

objcio Optimizing Collections in Swift This repository contains the sample code from the book Optimizing Collections. In this book, we show how to write very efficient Swift collection code. Throughout the book, we benchmark everythi

onmyway133 Themes Story Ever want to support Night mode? Or skin the app differently depending on the seasons? Or toggle features according to paid status? Well, those are actually reactions to app events. Man

gao0122 Placing Virtual Objects in Augmented Reality Learn best practices for visual feedback, gesture interactions, and realistic rendering in AR experiences, as well as tips for building SceneKit-based AR apps. Overview Aug