Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018.

🚀 iOS Developer Roadmap Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018. ☝️ What is it? This is a tree-like compilation of topics highly relevant to iOS development. Both image and text version are gener

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karaggeorge mac-window-select Prompt the user to select a window on macOS, mimicking the native screenshot utility Requires macOS 10.12 or later. macOS 10.13 or earlier needs to download the Swift runtime support libraries.

FormatterKit PostalCodeValidator A validator for postal codes with support for 200+ regions. import Foundation import PostalCodeValidator if let validator = PostalCodeValidator(locale: .current) { // United States (US) validator.v

JohnSundell Welcome to Plot, a domain-specific language (DSL) for writing type-safe HTML, XML and RSS in Swift. It can be used to build websites, documents and feeds, as a templating tool, or as a renderer for higher-level components a

dwarvesf Hidden Bar Hidden Bar lets you hide menu bar items to give your Mac a cleaner look. 🚀 Install  App Store Others The Hidden Bar is notarized before distributed out s

WeTransfer Example mail composer Example Report Diagnostics is a library written in Swift which makes it really easy to share Diagnostics Reports to your support team. Features Requ

johnsundell Welcome to Publish, a static site generator built specifically for Swift developers. It enables entire websites to be built using Swift, and supports themes, plugins and tons of other powerful customization options. Publi

JohnSundell Splash plugin for Publish A Publish plugin that makes it easy to integrate the Splash Swift syntax highlighter into any Publish website. Installation To install it into your Publish package, add it as a dependency wit

aaronpearce SF Viewer for iOS SF Viewer is the best way to view, compare and export SF Symbols on your iOS device. Features: View all SF Symbols Change weight and scale to see how each icon is displayed in a certain setting. Vie