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mufasaYC Using the new UISheetPresentationController to get a bottom sheet with Xcode 13

jphong1111 List of awesome iOS & Swift stuff!!###{"Swift":26187}

artemnovichkov An example project for Implementing custom popups in SwiftUI article.

iamchiwon MVVM 종결 예제

jphong1111 List of useful iOS & Swift stuff!!

huynguyencong A template project that uses SwiftUI for UI, Combine for event handling, MVVM-C for software architecture.

kean Stacks A micro UIStackView convenience API inspired by SwiftUI. let stack: UIView = .hStack(alignment: .center, margins: .all(16), [ .vStack(spaci

HarshilShah Genie A Playground to recreate the macOS Genie Effect. For more information, please read the accompanying blog post: Recreating the macOS Genie Effect

apple This package lets you collect and easily visualize performance data about data structure implementations and collection algorithms. It was created to help develop the Swift Collections package, but it's useful for so much more!

PraneetNeuro GUI based virtualization tool to run Linux, based on the Virtualization framework introduced by Apple for macOS Big Sur with support for Apple Silicon architecture (also supported by Intel based macs)

onmyway133 Awesome resources, articles, libraries about SwiftUI

andylin2004 windows-swiftui Windowing system implemented in SwiftUI and Swift Credit to George-J-E on GitHub (https://github.com/George-J-E/HidingViews) for the h

hmarr 📊 A tiny macOS process monitor

Xcode-Tips Have a cool tip to share? Send a pull request or open an issue! About Folks in the Apple developer community are always sharing great Xcode tips — usu

jegnux BackedCodable Powerful property wrapper to back codable properties. Why Swift's Codable is a great language feature but easily becomes verbose and req

leahlundqvist V iOS Bundler A generic utility to bundle and sign iOS binaries. Building Vib is built using V, hence you need to install the V compiler to build it.

devwaseem ParticleDrivers is a SwiftUI project that simulates particles forming structures on command and disort when dragged

MacEnhance MEMiniMe Information: Designed for 11.0+ MEMiniMe is a MacForge Plugin that makes all window toolbars compact on Big Sur Author: MacEnhance Functional

b3ll SetNeedsDisplay This package provides property wrappers that can be used on properties for any NSView or UIView to invalidate the layout or display wh

twostraws AppleTime A tiny program that sets the clock in your iOS and iPadOS simulators to be 9:41, which is the time Apple usually uses in its device screensh

naman14 adb-tools-mac adb-tools-mac is a macOS menu bar app written in SwiftUI for common adb tools. Download Download app from Releases Connect device over t

Kinneyzhang Table of Contents Introduction Demos Installation Usage FAQ Plan List Contribution License Introduction Block-ref and block-embed are two concepts in

gyf304 VMCLI A set of utilities to help you manage VMs with Virtualization.framework Installation # make sure xcode command-line tools are installed xcode-se

miroslav-reiter ☕ VAVA-JAVA Vývoj Aplikácií s Viacvrstvovou Architektúrou STU FIIT v Bratislave 2021 Prednášajúci: PhDr. Ing. Mgr. Miroslav Reiter, DiS., MBA, MPA, MS

seemoo-lab OpenHaystack OpenHaystack is a framework for tracking personal Bluetooth devices via Apple's massive Find My network. Use it to create your own tracki

kean RxUI RxUI is inspired by SwiftUI. RxUI goal is to improve the developer experience of using RxSwift by allowing you to concentrate on the business log

compnerd DXSample This sample application shows how to use Swift, Swift/COM to build an application which leverages DirectX 12 on Windows 10. This sample is a

djyde Plastic A block-based bi-directional note app Build Development yarn yarn web # first, run the frontend build yarn app # second, run electron app Di

djyde Plastic Editor https://plastic-editor.netlify.app/ A block-based note app. It's now under development and lack of documentation. Build yarn yarn dev

SwiftOnTap "That's the one truth of anything anywhere, Apple documentation sucks" – @aazav 🍻 OnTap Mission Bring better documentation to SwiftUI developers – an

CombineCommunity This is a Cheatsheet for RxSwift developers interested in Apple's new Combine framework.

JoinOnTap SwiftUI Documentation Project

doronz88 Hilda is a debugger which combines both the power of LLDB and iPython for easier work.