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uakihir0 > 日本語 UIPiPDemo This is a demo app for displaying an arbitrary UIView in iOS using picture-in-picture. It can be used to display information that chan

vedantapps MultiScreenApp An app that uses Multipeer Connectivity to play a video across 6 different iOS screens with an additional phone acting as a Main/Contro

Ali-Fayed Cordinator-Pattern-Sample This an Example and base for the coordinator design pattern using the XCoordinator pod 👋 XCoordinator is a navigation frame

s-u macosvm macosvm is a command line tool which allows creating and running of virtual machines on macOS 12 (Monterey) using the new Virtualization frame

JakeLin CombinePlayground A Swift Playground to play around Combine Why made this playground To help myself learn Combine, I re-implemented the same features

elgawady14 ZATCA (Fatoora) QR-Code Implementation in iOS QR-Code implementation in Swift for the e-invoicing (Fatoora). (Zatca-Fatoora) Requirements Xcode 13 iOS

jwoudenberg shy Safely build shell one-liners with live feedback! Features See live output of your shell command as you're writing it. 'Dangerous' commands are pr

thetrik CTrickSubclass Class for safe subclassing windows Hello everyone! This class allows to do subclassing very easy. It fires the event WndProc upon recei

kanchurinalex UIViewAnimate From Podlodka iOS crew 7 Статейка от objc.io про autolayout и его проблемы (в частности, с анимациями) https://www.objc.io/issues/3-view

ChimeHQ LanguageClient This is a Swift library for abstracting and interacting with language servers that implement the Language Server Protocol. It is built

owl-compositor Owl Owl is a portable Wayland compositor written in Objective-C, using Cocoa as its backend. Owl primarily targets Mac OS X, but also supports a varie

khuyentran1401 About Me Hello, I'm Khuyen Tran. I major in statistics, but I love playing with data science and Python tools. So far, I have written over 130 article

2stable Meow Let your RevenueCat talk Download Credits Big thanks to: RxSwift KeychainAccess Popover Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer We are not affil

dosdude1 Discord Lite An ultra-lightweight native Discord client for vintage and modern Mac OS Minimum System Requirements Mac OS X version 10.4 (Tiger) PowerP

kritanta-ios-tweaks lockdown I can't remember if this version (involving ksecured) is actually functioning, Started working on this right before I moved, haven't really w

c1d3rdev PullOver-Pro Multitasking Drawer tweak for jailbroken iOS devices About PullOver Pro is multitasking substrate / jailbreak / runtime extension written

narner Useful-Swift-Extensions Personally useful Swift Extensions for iOS Development; cobbled together from a variety of development projects and StackOverf

rileytestut Delta Delta is an all-in-one classic video game emulator for non-jailbroken iOS devices. Delta is an iOS application that allows you to emulate and pl

kean Web API Client A modern web API client in Swift built using Async/Await and Actors. let client = APIClient(host: "api.github.com") // Using the clien

CympleTech Data Protocol Future-oriented infrastructure - Data Protocol. What is data There are two types of data, one is normalized data and the other is struct

IJustNeedOffsets iManager Open Sourced application for Jailbroken device. Program is executing commands on connected iphones Usage Maybe the source code is helping ppl

SmithZachary SwiftInterviewProblems Two Parts -- Swift Playgrounds & Read Me Swift Interview Problems in Playground you may have to copy and paste the code into a

GeekTree0101 Getting started with 三政丞(Segway) 三政丞(Segway) pattern is an alternative to MVC or MVVM Karrot iOS 3rd workshop easter egg project. It's modularized in

FrameworkIOS QRReader A QR Code Scanning Framework For IOS Requirements: IOS 11+ Xcode: 12+ Installation: steps to install this framework in your xcode project Pod

s6joui NextTrain iOS app that shows real-time information about subway train arrivals in Seoul, South Korea. The app was implemented using clean code and TDD

MonitorControl MonitorControl Lite Control your display's brightness from the macOS menu bar. Simple and easy to use. About MonitorControl Lite is a simplified versi

Sopur HFPD (Holy finger-print database) Documentation Official documentation for HFPD Get an API key for official usage At the moment, no compensation is ne

macmade Hot About Hot is macOS menu bar application that displays the CPU speed limit due to thermal issues. Differences between the Intel and Apple Silicon v

sindresorhus Actions Supercharge your shortcuts The app provides additional actions for the Shortcuts app on macOS and iOS. Submit action idea (Submit an issue bef

geirolz Scope How to install libraryDependencies += "com.github.geirolz" % "scope-core" % "0.0.1" How to use Work in progress Defining the ModelMapper import

vanvoorden TDD-Albums-II Welcome! The TDD-Albums-II tutorial is a sequel to the original TDD-Albums library from 2015. The TDD-Albums library started as a hands-

EricRabil m1-ios-sideloader Sideload iOS apps regardless of security settings Notes Does not support encrypted IPAs at this time - you can grab decrypted IPAs w