Miscellaneous Swift related projects

Newest releases

CombineCommunity This is a Cheatsheet for RxSwift developers interested in Apple's new Combine framework.

JoinOnTap SwiftUI Documentation Project

doronz88 Hilda is a debugger which combines both the power of LLDB and iPython for easier work.

Hi-Rez An example showing how to use SwiftUI, Satin, Forge and Youi to simulate birds flocking via a compute particle system (n-body).

BananaDocs SwiftUI Documentation Project

markusmoenig ShaderMania is an editor for procedural Metal fragment shaders featuring realtime preview and playback.

marmmaz The purpose of this file is to have a backup of my ideal macOS setup so that if/when I upgrade my mac, i'll know exactly what to do.

x74353 Apple has threatened to remove Amphetamine from the App Store.

LIJI32 SnatchBox (CVE-2020-27935) is a sandbox escape vulnerability and exploit affecting macOS up to version 10.15.x

SAllen0400 Swift News is a YouTube show from Sean Allen where he shares the latest news, articles, videos, podcasts, etc... from the world of Swift and iOS Development. Swift News is released every Monday so subscribe to the channel to never

fatih-yavuz An Alfred workflow letting you set a timer on your MAC's menubar. When the time is up, your Hue lights blink. You can download the workflow from packal

evansm7 Here lies a really minimalist and very noddy command-line wrapper to run VMs in the macOS Big Sur Virtualization.framework.

davidfekke Compatibility for languages and tools on Apple's new M1 hardware

ripperhe Bob 是一款 Mac 端翻译软件,支持划词翻译、截图翻译以及手动输入翻译。

mikelxc This repository describes how I get most of my configurations work on the new Apple Silicon Mac

evilpenguin MachoDecrypt will decrypt mach-o binaries on iOS.

evilpenguin XPCSniffer will dump XPC information to a file and the console.

rileytestut AltStore is an iOS application that allows you to sideload other apps (.ipa files) onto your iOS device with just your Apple ID. AltStore resigns apps with your personal development certificate and sends them to a desktop app, Alt

dersvenhesse A curated list of awesome Scriptable scripts and widgets.

arllashka To-Do List Using CoreData Framework

pwsacademy Student-friendly setup instructions for platforms, editors, and IDEs that support Swift.

sindresorhus Apple's Human Interface Guidelines are amazingly well done. However, there are many details they don't clearly specify. This is an attempt to document the best conventions and patterns in the community.

geekdada Starts from Surge iOS 4.4.0 and Surge Mac 4.0.0, you may use HTTP API to control Surge. YASD provides a way to interact with Surge's HTTP API, enabling you to control Surge from another device or outside your house.

ByCyril Simplified version of Fidge It

c0ntextomy CVE-2020-9992 - A design flaw in MobileDevice.framework/Xcode and iOS/iPadOS/tvOS Development Tools allows an attacker in the same network to gain remote code execution on a target device

defagos Building a Collection For SwiftUI - Sample Code

Flipper-Zero iOS Mobile App to rule all Flipper's family

GeoSn0w An Open-Source iOS 11.0 -> 11.4.1 (soon iOS 13) Jailbreak, made for teaching purposes.

A2nkF A local privilege escalation chain from user to kernel for MacOS <=10.15.5.

kendfinger Boot Linux VMs in a single command on macOS using the new Virtualization.framework

xuan32546 iOS 11.0 - 13.6 system-level touch simulation iOS13 simuate touch

lexrus Yet another learning-by-doing XcodeKit project

neil-wu FridaSwiftDump a Frida tool for retriving the Swift Object info from an running app.