The iOS Menu

The iOS Menu
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Last update: Nov 24, 2022

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jordibruin cooldown Quickly toggle Low Power Mode from the menu bar In macOS Monterey Apple introduced a new Low Power Mode for Mac. Cooldown is a simple menu ba

adamfootdev BottomSheet makes it easy to take advantage of the new UISheetPresentationController in SwiftUI with a simple .bottomSheet modifier on existing views.

exyte Easily customizable floating button menu created with SwiftUI

jessfraz A MacOS menubar for 3D printers.

christianselig An easy way to add popover menus visually similar to the Context Menus and Pull Down Menus iOS uses but with some advantages.

swiftbar Powerful macOS menu bar customization tool

billycastelli Silicon Info is a tiny menu bar application allows the user to quickly view the architecture of the currently running application.

exelban macOS system monitor in your menu bar

steventroughtonsmith This is an app that uses HomeKit to display a menu bar item with your current air quality from compatible devices (like an Eve Room). Requires macOS 11.

leits Your next meeting always before your eyes in macOS menu bar.

SimformSolutionsPvtLtd SSCustomSideMenu Features Highly customizable Multiple options of animations Dynamic menu size Available through CocoaPods Requirements iOS 11.0+ Xcode 10+ Installation

KarimEbrahemAbdelaziz SwiftyMenu is simple yet powerfull drop down menu component for iOS. It allow you to have drop down menu that doesn't appear over your views, which give you awesome user experience. Screenshots Requirements

TwoLivesLeft The iOS Menu

evnaz ENSwiftSideMenu A lightweight flyover side menu component for iOS with the UIDynamic's bouncing animation, UIGestures and UIBlurEffect. Allows you to use native UINavigationController's logic to manage view controllers. The compo

tokijh JHDropDownMenu Introduction Dropdown menu in UIView by extension Noti JHDropDownMenu updated differently from 1.0. If you used 1.0 you should modify code or use pod 'JHDropDownMenu', '~> 1.0'