Auto Layout, UI frameworks and a gorgeous list of tools to simplify layout constructions

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devxoul A custom collection layout that allows to use Texture layout specs in ASCollectionNode.

jVirus 🧲 Grid Compositional Layout is a SwiftUI 2.0 view that lays out the supplied views in a grid. Easily configurable and lazily retained [Swift 5.3, iOS 14.0+, iPadOS 14.0+, macOS 11.0(10.16)+]

bannzai Gedatsu provide readable format about AutoLayout error console log

davidask Declarative AutoLayout DSL and utilities for iOS, tvOS, and macOS

exyte Grid is a powerful and easy way to layout your views in SwiftUI

kishikawakatsumi IBPCollectionViewCompositionalLayout Backport of UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout to earlier iOS 12. A new UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout class has been added to UIKit to make it incredibly easier

pietropizzi 📱 GridStack A flexible grid layout view for SwiftUI. 📱 iOS 13+, 💻 macOS 10.15+, 📺 tvOS 13+, ⌚ watchOS 6+ Simply pass the minimum width the grid cells should have an

netguru CarLensCollectionViewLayout An easy-to-use Collection View Layout for card-like animation 🎉 CarLensCollectionViewLayout was created out of the implementation in CarLens application 🚘 . The im

marlimox AloeStackView A simple class for laying out a collection of views with a convenient API, while leveraging the power of Auto Layout. Introduction AloeStackView is a class that allows a collect

SnapKit SnapKit is a DSL to make Auto Layout easy on both iOS and OS X. ⚠️ To use with Swift 4.x please ensure you are using >= 4.0.0 ⚠️ ⚠️ To use with Swift 5.x please ensure you are u

eonist FlowLayout Description The idea is to give aspiring app developers a dead simple "vanilla" swift library to start with. Just add some end point calls to instagram and you could literally have a mini

DeclarativeHub Layoutless Layoutless enables you to spend less time writing UI code. It provides a way to declaratively style and layout views. Here is an example of how UI code looks like when written against Layoutless: cla

AfrozZaheer AZSafariCollectionViewLayout Features iOS Safari history view layout IBDesignAble for properties Few minutes integration Installation CocoaPods CocoaPods is a depe

layoutBox FlexLayout adds a nice Swift interface to the highly optimized Yoga flexbox implementation. Concise, intuitive & chainable syntax. Flexbox is an incredible improvement over UIStackView. It is simpler to

kean Align An intuitive and powerful Auto Layout library. The entire library fits in a single file with less than 300 lines of code which you can just drag-n-drop into your app. Quick Overview Full Guide Installatio

wordlessj Auto Layout (and manual layout) in one line. Quick Look It’s equivalent to iOS 9 API: view.centerXAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.superview!.centerXAnchor).isAc

wordlessj Create view hierarchies declaratively. Quick Look view.pd.add( imageView.pd.image(logoImage), label.pd.text("Logo").textColor(.red).font(size: 20), button.pd.title("Go").action(buttonTapped) )

JunyuKuang ExtendedEdges A simple and easy way to keep your custom views properly layout on iPhone X. Demo video: YouTube Requirement Xcode 9.0+ Swift 4.0+ iOS 9.0+ Installation Download the pr

marcosgriselli ViewAnimator is a library for building complex iOS UIView animations in an easy way. It provides one line animations for any view included the ones which contain other views like UITableView and UICollectionV

mirego MCUIViewLayout - Layouting enhancements to UIView MCUIViewLayout is a category added over UIView to make layouting the views easier. It provide shortcut methods to set width, height, position based without the need

AppliKeySolutions Made by Applikey Solutions Find this project on Dribbble Also check another flowlayout for UICollectionView: Table of Contents Purpose Supported OS &amp

AbhimanyuForiOS GoogleNewsStandAnimation It is same like Google News Stand Animation with Customise Configuration file in Swift iOS Technology. This is the hot spot animation (with 4 swipe Gestures up,Down,Left,right) where user can s

devxoul UICollectionViewFlexLayout UICollectionViewFlexLayout is a drop-in replacement for UICollectionViewFlowLayout. Currently in development. Features Section Spacing Section Margin Section Padding

MillmanY MMBannerLayout Demo Setting Use Banner if let layout = collection.collectionViewLayout as? MMBanerLayout { // Space every Item layout.itemSpace = 5.0

jakemarsh Core Layout 📐 📏 Flexbox & CSS-style Layout in Swift. Core Layout is a simple system to compute layout trees. It wraps the wonderful work done in facebook/yoga in a richly typed, Swift framework

square Paralayout Paralayout is a set of simple, useful, and straightforward utilities that enable pixel-perfect layout in iOS. Your designers will love you. Getting Started CocoaPods Integrating P

aliumujib Appstore iOS 11 So I was following Brian Voong's Appstore videos on and I decided to turn things up a notch.. and this came about. Found the designs on dribble! I guess there's just a whole lot of d

layoutBox Extremely Fast views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. "No Auto layout constraints attached"

janten Keypad Layout Control window layout using Ctrl + Numeric Keypad on macOS. Press two number keys in a row while holding down Ctrl to select the new window frame on a 3x3 grid. Installation Homebrew users ca

onmyway133 EasyAnchor ❤️ Support my app ❤️ Push Hero - pure Swift native macOS application to test push notifications PastePal - Pasteboard, note and shortcut manager Frame recorder - Recorder gif and video w

magi82 MGRelativeKit Simple and easy API that converts absolute to relative layout without autolayout. ☀️ MGRelativekit uses the method chaining pattern to add view layouts. It is recommended to use the 'apply'

ElegantTeam ETCollectionViewWaterFallLayout ETCollectionViewWaterFallLayout is the swift version of CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout! Screen Shots Installation The preferred way of installation is via C

Rightpoint Anchorage A lightweight collection of intuitive operators and utilities that simplify Auto Layout code. Anchorage is built directly on top of the NSLayoutAnchor API. Each expression acts on one or more NSLayoutAn