Micro framework for easily parsing JSON in Swift with rich error messages in less than 100 lines of code

JSON Micro framework for easily parsing JSON in Swift 3 with rich error messages in less than 100 lines of code. infomercial voice 🎙 Are you tried of parsing JSON and not knowing what went wrong? Do you find c
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chockenberry Notchmeister Notches Gone Wild! Building First, clone the project. git clone https://github.com/chockenberry/Notchmeister.git You can locally override

robb RBBJSON RBBJSON enables flexible JSON traversal at runtime and JSONPath-like querying for rapid prototyping. Use JSONDecoder to create an RBBJSON stru

EnesKaraosman Convert your json into native Views, Simply construct JSONDataView(json: Data) view to setup UI.

engmahsa SwiftDecoderEncoder - This is the easiest way to parse JSON object to a Swift.

michaeleisel A much faster version of JSONDecoder

orlandos-nl IkigaJSON IkigaJSON is a really fast JSON parser. It performed ~4x faster than Foundation in our tests when decoding a type from JSON. Adding the dependency The 1.x versions are reliant on SwiftNIO 1.x, and for SwiftN

saoudrizwan Installation • Usage • License DynamicJSON is a dynamically typed JSON parser built upon the new @dynamicMemberLookup feature introduced by Chris Lattner in Swift 4.2. This allows us to access arbitrary object members which

Flight-School JSONFeed A Swift encoder and decoder for the JSON Feed format. Usage // For an example, see https://jsonfeed.org/feed.json let json = "{ ... }" let decoder = JSONDecoder() decoder.dateDecodingStrategy = .iso8601

webfrogs Transformers is a framework to transform things elegantly using the power of Swift programming language. Note: Support Swift version: 4.1 or newer Feature Cast JSON data with type. Cast a swift dictionary to swift

CNKCQ AlamofireCodable: An extension to Alamofire which automatically converts JSON response data into swift objects using Codable. This project is heavily inspired by the popular AlamofireObjectMapper. Installation AlamofireCo

tristanhimmelman ObjectMapper ObjectMapper is a framework written in Swift that makes it easy for you to convert your model objects (classes and structs) to and from JSON. Features The Basics Mapping Nested Objects Custom Transform

devxoul RxJSON RxSwift wrapper for JSON. At a Glance This is an example of converting a json dictionary observable to a string observable: URLSession.shared.rx.json(url: "https://api.github.com/repos/ReactorKit/Reacto

Meniny Introduction What's this? Jsonify is a delightful JSON parsing framework for iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS platforms written in Swift. Requirements iOS 8.0+ macOS 10.10+ watchOS 2.0+ tvOS

nodes-ios Serpent (previously known as Serializable) is a framework made for creating model objects or structs that can be easily serialized and deserialized from/to JSON. It's easily expandable and handles all common data types used when c

endocrimes Jay Pure-Swift JSON parser & formatter. Fully streamable input and output. Linux & OS X ready. Replacement for NSJSONSerialization. Jay conforms to the following specifications: JSON RFC4627 Open Swift C7