An interesting list of image related libs

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john-rocky SemanticImage A collection of easy-to-use image / video filters. How to use Setting Up 1, Add SemanticImage to your project as Swift Package with Swif

uobikiemukot read key sequence and convert shell output into animation gif directly (internally emulate almost vt102 compatible terminal)

luckyframework LuckyCache Cache content within your Lucky application. Installation Add the dependency to your shard.yml: dependencies: lucky_cache: github: lu

david-fletcher Gif Sequencing An Aseprite extension that allows you to export your sprite as a gif with the tags in a custom order! How to Use Gif Sequencing Downloa

facemoji mocap4face by Facemoji mocap4face by Facemoji is a free, multiplatform SDK for real-time facial motion capture based on Facial Action Coding System or

GetStream Custom emojis are a fun way to bring more life and customizability to your apps. They're available in some of the most popular apps, such as Slack, Di

coderyi YiVideoEditor YiVideoEditor is a library for rotating, cropping, adding layers (watermark) and as well as adding audio (music) to the videos. YiVideoE

steventroughtonsmith Work in progress gallery of controls available to Catalyst apps using Optimized for Mac

krzyzanowskim SwiftUI animated image view that works on iOS and layout just as SwiftUI.Image

kean NukeUI - a missing piece in SwiftUI that provides lazy image loading.

audulus vger is a vector graphics renderer which renders a limited set of primitives, but does so almost entirely on the GPU. Works on iOS and macOS.

quassum Tool to convert SVG to SwiftUI's Shape structure. This repo is just a frontend wrapper around our svg-to-swiftui-core package

kean Makes it easy to download images using Nuke and display them in SwiftUI apps

SDWebImage SwiftUI Image loading and Animation framework powered by SDWebImage

jakeajames SneakyShot Kernel-based method to take screenshots on iOS. Works with encrypted videos. This code is one year old. I open-sourced it now since I proba

d-date ImagePipelineCombine An image loading and caching framework for SwiftUI using Combine. This framework respects ImagePipeline, but cutting off image pr

gonsolo Rendering Disney's Moana in Swift

kieranb662 These are some reusable drawing tool icons. I based them off apple's notes app drawing tools and moleskin's flow app.

dmytro-anokhin Asynchronous image loading in SwiftUI. Lightweight, pure SwiftUI Image view, that displays an image downloaded from URL, with auxiliary views and local cache.

inamiy Yet another UIImage / NSImage placeholder written in Swift.

michaelhenry ImageViewer.swift - An easy to use Image Viewer that is inspired by Facebook

PingAK9 Photo editor with SwiftUI and muukii/Pixel

glouel Auto update tool for macOS screensaver Aerial (v2+)

arthurhammer Frame Grabber is an iOS app that lets you extract full-resolution video and Live Photo frames as images. You can get it on the App Store here. Unlike screenshots, images extracted with Frame Grabber have full resolution, cont

kirualex High performance & easy to use Gif engine Features UIImage and UIImageView extension based Remote Gifs Great CPU/Memory performances Control playback Allow control of display quality by usin

CLOXnu ConvenientImagePicker ConvenientImagePicker is a beautiful and simple image picker solution for iOS development written on Swift. It's a view controller that can simply present it everywhere. Excellent interaction,

RuiAAPeres Tangerine ๐ŸŠ Tangerine is a Swift ยตframework for fetching Images. Installation Swift Package Manager Swift Package Manager is integrated within Xcode 11, so using Tangerine in your project

dempseyatgithub MemeMaker MemeMaker is a little app using SwiftUI that shows a few things: Main list uses a generic type constrained to View to pass destination view into row Now has three examples: Overlay Uses the overlay

onmyway133 โค๏ธ Support my apps โค๏ธ Push Hero - pure Swift native macOS application to test push notifications PastePal - Pasteboard, note and shortcut manager Quick Check - smart todo manager Alias - App and file shor

iMhdi MBDocCapture MBDocCapture makes it easy to add document scanning functionalities to your iOS app but also image editing (Cropping and contrast enhacement). Features Demo Requirements Installation Usage

Silence-GitHub BBMetalImage A high performance Swift library for GPU-accelerated image/video processing based on Metal. This library is highly inspired by GPUImage. Performance Test libraries are BBMetalImage (0.1.1) and

dmrschmidt DSWaveformImage DSWaveformImage offers a few interfaces with the main purpose of drawing the envelope waveform of audio files in iOS. To do so, you can use WaveformImageDrawer or WaveformImageView. Additionally, you ca