Libraries and tools to handle gestures.

Newest releases

AugustDev Onboarding/slider with swiping gesture written entirely in SwiftUI.

cctomato An UINavigationController's category to enable fullscreen pop gesture in an iOS7+ system style with AOP.

younatics Dismissable Introduction ⚡️ Pull to dismiss your modal view! Dismissable is super convenient to dismiss with gesture! Requirements Dismissable is written in Swift 4.2. Compatible wit

lkzhao Yet Another Animation Library Designed for gesture-driven animations. Fast, simple, & extensible! It is written in pure swift 3.1 with protocol oriented design and extensive use of generics. Consider this as a swi

qmathe Distance Picker DistancePicker is a custom UIKit control to select a distance with a pan gesture. It looks like a ruler with multiple distance marks and can be used to resize a map, set up a geofence or choose a se

Lickability PinpointKit is an open-source iOS library in Swift that lets your testers and users send feedback with annotated screenshots and logs using a simple gesture. Features Shake to trigger feedback collection Autom