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spytheman v2048 This is a simple 2048 game, written in the V programming language. Notes This game is tested to work with V 0.1.29 b2fee21, but probably can be

SchelleyYuki Table of Contents Overview Prerequisite Test 1: default command with JDK-x64 Test 2: optimized command with JDK-x64 Test 3: default command with JDK-a

shreyashankar Setting up a Mac with the M1 chip As of: April 21, 2021 I recently got a new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. Since Apple switched from Intel to ARM-base

alphaArgon Minesweeper for Mac.

martinlexow SwiftUI implementation of Conway’s Game of Life — also known as “Life”.

RogyMD Minesweeper is an iOS & Mac Catalyst application built entirely in Swift. The logic is build in the Composable Architecture and the UI is built in SwiftUI.

nicklockwood This is a simple chess game for iPhone and iPad, designed for novice players.

jVirus 🎲 100% SwiftUI 2.0, classic 2048 game [SwiftUI 2.0, iOS 14.0+, iPadOS 14.0+, Swift 5.3].

nicklockwood Retro Rampage About Retro Rampage is a tutorial series in which you will learn how to build a Wolfenstein-like game from scratch, in Swift. Initially the game will be targeting iPhone and iPad, but

unixzii A 2048 game writing with SwiftUI

cocoatoucher Glide Engine Glide is a SpriteKit and GameplayKit based engine for building 2d games easily, with a focus on side scrollers. Glide is developed with Swift and works on iOS, macOS and tvOS. Download the macOS

integer256 Viper Memory Game Simple memory game written in Swift 4.2 using VIPER Architecture. The Memory Game is a deck of cards where the user needs to find matches. The project’s aim is to show best practices of VIP

JohnSundell Welcome to Imagine Engine, an ongoing project that aims to create a fast, high-performace Swift 2D game engine for Apple's platforms that is also a joy to use. While there are still ways to go, things to fix and new capabilit

danqing 2048 This is a derivative and the iOS version of the game 2048. In the very unlikely case that you don't know what it is, you can check it out here. Made just for fun! AI An AI is added, thanks to DJBen

bjarnel arkit-smb-homage Bjarne Lundgren / [email protected] / @bjarnel This project is a homage to Super Mario Bros. It does not, however, contain ANY original Nintendo content, nor is it an exact implementation of Super Mario

woguan iOS Swift Project - Legend Wings - EverWing's Mini Clone EverWing is a popular action game. Survive as much you can, earn gold, and upgrade/purchase new characters. Videos - Alpha v3.5.1 - Date Recorded: 07/0

jamesdouble JDBreaksLoading Introduction JDBreaksLoading Based on simple UIView and SpriteKit. You can easily start up a little breaking game by one line. By the way, don't make user wait too long to play the ga

atuooo PacmanPageControl Let's play Pac-Man: Install CocoaPods To integrate PacmanPageControl into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it to a target in your Podfile: pod 'Pacman

henryefranks Pac-Man for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar A Touch Bar is required to play Download the zip here. Arrow keys to move Pac-Man (up/down/left/right) Passing through tunnels will take you

insidegui Touch Bar Space Fight A simple, fun game for the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar. 📹 See it in action 📹 How to play You will need a new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar or a Touch Bar Simulat

kylef-archive CardKit CardKit provides model structures for building playable card games. Usage Creating a card let card = Card(suit: .Heart, value: .Ace) Creating a deck of cards let deck = Card.all() Shuffling

JackBCousineau A simple chess game built from scratch for OSX, entirely using Swift 2.0. Running the project All that should be needed to build this is an up-to-date version of Xcode, on any suitable OSX environment. As soon as a sui

OpenEmu OpenEmu OpenEmu is an open source project whose purpose is to bring macOS game emulation into the realm of first class citizenship. The project leverages modern macOS technologies, such as Cocoa, Core Animation with Q

istornz Pokemap client for iOS This is a client for the Pokemap server ( iPokeGO is now officially available on the AppStore ! Features Show/Hide Pokemons,Pokesto

kahopoon Pokemon-Go-Controller iOS device as game controller Clone this xcode project and run on your iphone / ipad, this app actually perform a web server that tells your chosen location, your location will be wh

JakeLin Save the Dot Apple introduced UIViewPropertyAnimator for iOS 10. We can use this new API to control interactive animations. To experiment UIViewPropertyAnimator, we developed this game by using UIKit only 😉 (no