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marcfager NSPanel-MF Custom HMI controlled by ESPHome for the Sonoff NSPanel. Includes home screen with weather data and clock, media player card, control of 8

Co2333 Iridium An iOS app decrypter, full static using fouldecrypt. Supporting iOS 13+ Note We have built everything into the package, you can install and fl

olvid-io Olvid Olvid is a private and secure end-to-end encrypted messenger. Contrary to most other messaging applications, Olvid does not rely on a central di

TheAppWizard SplashScreen-CoffeeApp Coffee App Splash Screen made with SwiftUI. SplashScreen - Code struct ContentView: View { @State var splashScreen = true

ynagatomo ARQLSanta This is a minimal AR iOS app that uses the AR Quick Look API, displaying the bundled rcproject file as an AR scene. In this scene there is a

alfianlosari Trello Clone iOS App - SwiftUI A Trello Clone App for iOS built with SwiftUI. Features The app has several main features: Card, BoardList CRUD. Drag a

RooiGevaar19 fpWeather fpweather – a console application displaying weather information for your city using OpenWeatherMap API Author: Paul Lipkowski Installation

dempseyatgithub Unofficial Sandwiches The WWDC20 Session Introduction to SwiftUI provides a tutorial-like walk-through of building a list-detail SwiftUI app from scra

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cncf Project pod tato Head - A demo project for showcasing cloud-native application delivery use cases using different tools for various use cases This pro

hjuutilainen Big Sur Blocker Detect when Install macOS Big installer application has launched, terminate the process and display an alert. This project is

christianselig WinnyPicky Small iPhone app that powered the Apollo 2020 iPhone 12 giveaway. Slightly more fun than just a script because you can carry it around the

Co2333 Read iOS device model/variants from Xcode.

insidegui FanFan If you're a fan of fans, this app is for you! With its state of the art Fan Simulation Engine (patent pending), FanFan can bring back that soot

IEEE-VIT An open-source ToDo list iOS application in Swift.

christianselig Amplosion ⚡️ Amplosion is an iOS 15 and greater app that automagically redirects AMP links to their normal counterpart. AMP links can be super annoyin

Aayush9029 Native-Youtube Shameless plug If you use an iPhone please checkout Rifi Screen Shot\s: Installation Requirements: HomeBrew /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL

Edd13Mora HackerNewsBdarija [The Hack3r news B'darija] A project I decided to start to share with the Moroccan community my journey

everettjf ScriptWidget is an iOS app that we can create widgets for iOS using JSX label style in JavaScript.

OpenSesameManager OpenSesame is a free and powerful password manager that lets you manage your passwords with ease.

mouredev App iOS correspondiente al proyecto de la comunidad MoureDev

jrmann100 Benuse, an iOS widget-based HN reader

vector-im Element iOS is an iOS Matrix client provided by Element. It is based on MatrixKit and MatrixSDK.

hatashiro A macOS input source switcher with user-defined shortcuts.

kudoleh Template iOS app using Clean Architecture and MVVM. Includes DIContainer, FlowCoordinator, DTO, Response Caching and one of the views in SwiftUI

nguyenquocthanh This is very basic example project which control Nvidia Jetbot remotely via iOS app Based on jetbot of Nvidia, adding sample source code connecting with mqtt broker.

GARPIX-iOS Модуль с полезными утилитами для iOS проектов и SwiftUI

JakeLin WeChat-like Moments App implemented using Swift 5.5 and SwiftUI

wsvn53 is a remote control tool for Android Phones

opa334 The main focus of this dependency is to be an easy to use and easy to customize framework to handle per app preferences

Shubham0812 Calculator app created using the SwiftUI framework

ailabstw Taiwan Social Distancing App - iOS