Wrappers, clients, Parse alternatives and safe tools to deal with ephemeral and persistent data.

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vorburger What? MariaDB4j is a Java (!) "launcher" for MariaDB (the "backward compatible, drop-in replacement of the MySQL(R) Database Server", see FAQ and Wiki

Teknasyon-Teknoloji Desk360 (flutter sdk) This package gives wrapper methods for desk360 sdks. iOS - Android Getting started Add below code into your pubspec.yaml file un

mrousavy ⚡️ An extremely fast key/value storage library for React Native. ~30x faster than AsyncStorage!

Sequel-Ace Sequel Ace is the "sequel" to longtime macOS tool Sequel Pro. Sequel Ace is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL & MariaDB databases.

invertase Precompiled Firestore iOS SDK xcframework files extracted from the Firebase iOS SDK repository release downloads, tagged by Firebase iOS SDK version and presented as a consumable podspec .

kean SwiftSQL SwiftSQL is a micro Swift SQLite wrapper, solid and meticulously documented. It maps directly to the SQLite concepts and doesn't introduce anything beyond them. SwiftSQLExt introduces some basic convenien

mongodb MongoSwift The official MongoDB driver for Swift applications on macOS and Linux. Index Documentation Bugs/Feature Requests Installation Step 1: Install Required System Libraries (Linux Onl

Teknasyon-Teknoloji tl;dr You love Swift's Codable protocol and use it everywhere, who doesn't! Here is an easy and very light way to store and retrieve Codable objects to various persistence layers, in a few lines of code!

ccgus FMDB v2.7 This is an Objective-C wrapper around SQLite. The FMDB Mailing List: Read the SQLite FAQ: Since FMDB is built on

Kitura Swift-Kuery-ORM Swift-Kuery-ORM is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library built for Swift. Using it allows you to simplify persistence of model objects with your server. Swift-Kuery-ORM is buil

dreymonde Shallows Shallows is a generic abstraction layer over lightweight data storage and persistence. It provides a Storage<Key, Value> type, instances of which can be easily transformed and composed with each other.

casatwy pod "CTPersistance" CTPersistance is a sqlite wrapper which help you to handle with database. I'm still writing this document, you can check test case for usage. Async Operation in CTPersistance DO NOT USE GCD DIRECT

PersistX PersistDB ✊️ 🗄 Projection-based Database Persistence in Swift PersistDB is alpha-quality software. It currently has a number of limitations. Core Values Overview Define Model

PL-Swift PL/Swift PL/Swift allows you to write custom SQL functions and types for the PostgreSQL database server in the Swift programming language. Bringing Swift to the Backend of the Backend's Backend A small tutori

y500 YYDebugDatabase YYDebugDatabase is a powerful library for debugging databases in iOS applications. Which like Android Debug database YYDebugDatabase allows you to view and edit databases directly in

pixelspark Catena - SQL on a blockchain Catena is a distributed database based on a blockchain, accessible using SQL. Catena timestamps database transactions (SQL) in a decentralized way between nodes that do not or cannot trust

realm Realm is a mobile database that runs directly inside phones, tablets or wearables. This repository holds the source code for the iOS, macOS, tvOS & watchOS versions of Realm Swift & Realm Objective-C. Features

sequelpro Sequel Pro Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL & MariaDB databases. You can find more details on our website: Build Instructions

SD10 Nora is a Firebase abstraction layer for working with FirebaseDatabase and FirebaseStorage. Stop spending all that time cleaning up your view controllers and trying to write reusable Firebase code.

PerfectlySoft Perfect - SQLite Connector This project provides a Swift wrapper around the SQLite 3 library. This package builds with Swift Package Manager and is part of the Perfect project. It

justeat JustPersist JustPersist is the easiest and safest way to do persistence on iOS with Core Data support out of the box. It also allows you to migrate to any other persistence framework with minimal effort.

iabudiab ObjectiveRocks ObjectiveRocks is an Objective-C wrapper of Facebook's RocksDB - A Persistent Key-Value Store for Flash and RAM Storage. Current RocksDB Version: v6.2.4 Quick Overview Installation Usage

arvindhsukumar PredicateEditor PredicateEditor is a visual editor for creating and using NSPredicates for querying data in your app. PredicateEditor was inspired by the implementation in Workflow Features Create filt

danthorpe YapDatabaseExtensions Read my introductory blog post about YapDatabase & YapDatabaseExtensions, and a follow up on YapDatabaseExtensions 2. YapDatabaseExtensions is a suite of convenience APIs for working

realm Realm Converter Realm Converter is an open source software utility framework to make it easier to get data both in and out of Realm. It has been built in Swift, but can also be easily utilized in Objective-C projects.

tasanobu TypedDefaults TypedDefaults is a utility library to type-safely use NSUserDefaults. Motivation The talk Keep Calm and Type Erase On by Gwendolyn Weston at try! Swift 2016 is great and it inspired me to

modo-studio What is SugarRecord? SugarRecord is a persistence wrapper designed to make working with persistence solutions like CoreData/Realm/... in a much easier way. Thanks to SugarRecord you'll be able to use

eure RealmIncrementalStore Realm-powered Core Data persistent store Wait, what? I like Realm. Realm's memory-mapped DB blows other databases out of the water. It's fast and memory efficient. I also like Core Dat

oleghnidets OHMySQL ★★ Every star is appreciated! ★★ The library supports Objective-C and Swift, iOS and macOS. You can connect to your remote MySQL database using OHMySQL API. It allows you doing queries in easy and object-or

sunshinejr SwiftyUserDefaults Modern Swift API for NSUserDefaults SwiftyUserDefaults makes user defaults enjoyable to use by combining expressive Swifty API with the benefits of static typing. Define you

Oyvindkg ![alt text] ( "Logo") There are many libraries out there that aims to help developers easily create and use SQLite databases. Unfortunately developers still have to get bogged down in simple tasks

ArtSabintsev Zephyr Effortlessly sync NSUserDefaults over iCloud About Zephyr synchronizes specific keys and/or all of your NSUserDefaults over iCloud using NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore. Zephyr ha