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Core data Frameworks, wrappers, generators and boilerplates.

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T-head-Semi IP Readme Welcome to C906! Some key directories are shown below. |--C906_RTL_FACRORY/ |--gen_rtl/ ##the source verilog code of C906 |--setup/

T-head-Semi IP Readme Welcome to E906! Some key directories are shown below. |--E906_RTL_FACRORY/ |--gen_rtl/ ##the source verilog code of E906 |--setup/

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jazzychad Example Xcode swift iOS project for Core Data + iCloud syncing

prisma-ai CoreData based Swift ORM

MLSDev TRON is a lightweight network abstraction layer, written on top of Alamofire.

kishikawakatsumi Kuery Kuery, a type-safe Core Data query API using Swift 4's Smart KeyPaths. Inspired and borrowed a lot of things from QueryKit and RealmEx. Requirements Kuery is written in Swift 4. Install

Otbivnoe Swift 4 introduces a new Codable protocol that lets you serialize and deserialize custom data types without writing any special code and without having to worry about losing your value types. πŸŽ‰ Awesome, isn'

younatics Highlighter Updates See CHANGELOG for details Intoduction πŸ– Highlight whatever you want! Highlighter will magically find UI objects such as UILabel, UITextView, UITexTfield, UIButt

mzp πŸ“š Slack + Stack = Win Slackβ˜†Stack is multi-column/multi-row slack client to overview many channels at a glance. ⭐ Usage Go to the releases page, find the version you want. Download the

Daltron Written in Swift 5 NotificationBanner is an extremely customizable and lightweight library that makes the task of displaying in app notification banners and drop down alerts an absolute breeze in iOS.

Tuslareb JBDatePicker Overview Description Screenshots GIF Demo Requirements Installation Usage Example project Author License Description JBDatePicker is a subclass of UIView, w

willowtreeapps Spruce iOS Animation Library (and Android) What is it? Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps choreograph the animations on the screen. With so many different animation libraries out th

sindresorhus Touch Bar Simulator Launch the Touch Bar simulator from anywhere without needing to have Xcode installed Whereas Apple requires you to launch it from inside Xcode. This app also comes with a handy screenshot butt

ChiliLabs CHIPageControl CHIPageControl is a set of cool animated page controls to replace boring UIPageControl. We were inspired by Jardson Almeida dribbble shot and implemented a few more page controls. Made with ❀️ by

WorldDownTown RangeSeekSlider Overview RangeSeekSlider provides a customizable range slider like a UISlider. This library is based on TomThorpe/TTRangeSlider (Objective-C) and made with Swift. Demo Y

ezefranca WatchNote ⌚️ πŸ€“ Controlling yours Keynote Slides using Apple Watch How to Use ? Download Download this repository and run macOS target or download last binary release here

sonsongithub numsw Swift playground book like numpy and jupyter notebook. How to install, iPad How to build Playground Book You have to install Swift playgrounds application via AppStore. And, build playgr

bignerdranch BNR Core Data Stack The BNR Core Data Stack is a small Swift framework that makes it both easier and safer to use Core Data. A better fetched results controller and delegate Our FetchedResultsControll

andrelind Breeze Lightweight CoreData manager written in Swift Breeze takes a lot of cues from both MagicalRecord and Nimble Lightweight and simple to setup and use 1 row of code to find first/any object in database iClo

Ramotion ELONGATION PREVIEW Elongation Preview is an elegant UI push-pop style view controller for iOS. We specialize in the designing and coding of custom UI for Mobile Apps and Websites.

jdberry tag tag is a command line tool to manipulate tags on Mac OS X files (10.9 Mavericks and above), and to query for files with those tags. tag can use the file system's built-in metadata search functionality to rapidly fin

JohnSundell This repo contains a collection of assertion functions that you can use in your tests, as a complement to the assertions provided by XCTest, or other testing frameworks. This collection will likely grow over time, and

3lvis DATAStack helps you to alleviate the Core Data boilerplate. Now you can go to your AppDelegate remove all the Core Data related code and replace it with an instance of DATAStack (ObjC,

marcoarment FCModel 2 An alternative to Core Data for people who like having direct SQL access. By Marco Arment. See the LICENSE file for license info (it's the MIT license). FCModel is a generic model layer on top of SQLite. It'

albertodebortoli Skopelos A minimalistic, thread-safe, non-boilerplate and super easy to use version of Active Record on Core Data. Simply all you need for doing Core Data. Swift 4 flavour. Objective-C version General

jmfieldman Cadmium is a Core Data framework for Swift that enforces best practices and raises exceptions for common Core Data pitfalls exactly where you make them. Cadmium was written as a reaction to the complexity of dealing with multip

mrdekk DataKernel What is DataKernel? DataKernel is a minimalistic wrapper around CoreData stack to ease persistence operations. It is heavily inspired by SugarRecord but have no external dependencies (except

jessesquires JSQCoreDataKit A swifter Core Data stack About This library aims to do the following: Provide better interoperability with Swift Harness Swift features and enforce Swift paradigms Bring functi

fuzz-productions Introduction Core Data Dandy is a feature-light wrapper around Core Data that simplifies common database operations. Feature summary Initializes and maintains a Core Data stack. Provides convenie

3lvis Sync eases your everyday job of parsing a JSON response and getting it into Core Data. It uses a convention-over-configuration paradigm to facilitate your workflow. Syncing JSON to Co